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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by ceejaypee, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. I'm afreshly qualified teacher of maths, who has spent the last 10
    years working in blue chip companies and decided on a career change. I
    love teaching, but I have been a little disheartened at the difficulty
    in finding a job for induction year.

    I had an interview yesterday and would really like some advice over this as I am steaming mad
    I applied to a school which is becomeing an academy and got turned
    down: this school knows me already and I spent some time there as part
    of my training. I was surprised, given that I had had interviews
    elsewhere to be turned down without interview, which I was then told was
    because there we 20 candidates who all had Maths degrees!

    Subsequently, the school did not employ anyone and readvertised. I
    e-mailed them to ask if they would reconsider and got an e-mail stating
    that they would and I should come in for interview, teach and a

    So yesterday I had an interview, and taught and all went well. My
    interview was conisdered good, and my lesson was also good. A few minor
    points but I had the feeling you get when the students have taken things
    on board and made progress.

    The head of maths then had to run off to find someone to give him the
    nod, given that I had met the criteria, and all seemed good.

    After an hour of waiting post interview in the staff room, the Head
    of dept then came back with bad news and said although I was a
    potentially very good teacher, the senior management (who hadnt met me)
    wanted an experienced member of staff on board to manage the transition
    period between school and academy (the site will be chaos for a year).

    So basically, with about two weeks left of the "window", the school
    think they are going to get a main scale maths teacher, with experience,
    who is willing to work in a hut for six months..The head of maths
    agrees with me that they are only likely to get teachers with "baggage".
    Oh, and the experienced teacher will also need a crystal ball as they
    arent actively advertising anywhere.

    I left pretty much speechless. What was the sense of me giving up a
    day's supply teaching, driving 50miles each way and employing a child
    carer and to go through all of the preparations just somply to be told
    "no" when I get there on the basis of something that was self evident
    from the application I sent?
    I feel like submitting an invoice for mileage, does anyone think this is a good idea?

  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    They should pay your travel expenses anyway!
    Sounds like a place to avoid - you're best off out of it! Not all schools are places of joy. If they treat yoou badly on interview, how much worse will it be if you end up working there?

  3. Yes, I think you are right. Generally if the recruitment process is farcical, I can't really expect much better when I work there!

    Very tempted to send them a mileage claim, as they could have read from my application that I was a trainee.
    Most people I have asked seem to take the view that I have had a lucky escape, and I think I am inclined to agree.
  4. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Always ask for expenses - you won't always get them, but frequently will.
    In this case you are well out of it..., IMHO
  5. Thankyou for your comments all.

    With regards to the expenses, I have had 4 interviews and none of them have either offered or discussed expenses.

    I'm not going to bother with the expenses but this school is a training school partner of my ITT provided so I have written to them to let them know what went on.

    It is a shame because the Head of department, whom I can't blame, (other than to ask why are you interviewing if you are not in a position to employ) is a nice guy and the rest of the deapertment are great too.

    The HoD even went so far as to say, "Its a shame because you would have fitted in great".

    But yes I think the advice I have had and gut instinct (which isnt usually wrong) is that if the interview is a farce then what chance will you have when employed there.

    Thanks all.

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