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what would you do?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Rinky444, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    If your heart isn't in it, teaching can be the worst job in the world. It sounds like you have some huge decisions to make, but you just need to remember that making yourself miserable at work when you also have two very young children at home will be very stressful :-(
    I went back to work part time after my second baby, and it hasn't worked out like I had hoped. Bear in mind that in teaching you can't always pick and choose what hours you work. I teach secondary, and my Head of Faculty asked what hours I would prefer, then 'forgot' what I had said and basically I ended up with the opposite of what I'd wanted. I feel that for the money I've lost by going part time, I haven't gained equivalent time back. I have a full day off which is ok, but then 2 mornings, which my HoF thought I would want so more time to get ready, but in reality its a bit of a waste because we can't do anything in those mornings as I always have to be ready to go for work. If I had the afternoons off, we could do anything without worrying about getting back in time for work.
    You are lucky you can take 12 months off, I had to return to work when my babies were 13 weeks old :-( We are currently looking at a total change of lifestyle, which will involve me not teaching on a permanent basis. I'm looking at supply as a means to an end, although that seems a whole new can of worms!
    Having spent so long training and then teaching, its a scary thought to put down the board marker! But you don't sound happy, it might be time to bite the bullet and move on after your 13 weeks.
    Good luck whatever you decide to do x

  2. Thank you. There is no way we would survive on my husband's salary. Have had a good talk with my mum today who retired early from teaching, but regrets it a little now. I think I must go back for now (well, after maternity leave), will stick to three days and save some money whilst thinking about alternatives. It is bearable as long as it is not forever, and I need to think about my child, (soon to be children) first.
    Thank you again.
  3. Are you sure you'll get three days granted? I would dearly love to do three days but my school said no!
  4. well, they have let me this year, so I hope so clematis...Sorry yours won't. x

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