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What would you do in assembly if you had the guts?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by LapisLazuli, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. What would you do that was 'different' or a tad radical in an assembly?

    There was a head I heard about once who feigned a collapse the day after some school first aid event to test the pupils reaction. It back fired and someone called an ambulance.
  2. I understood from the offset - 29th Feb - female proposing to male in a small community school in assembly surrounded by pupils and staff that are lovely, although i think it was the sarcasm that confused some people as TOEKNEEHEART said it doesnt work so well in type!!

    good luck!!! i hope it all goes well :D

  3. In what way was that a backfire? It was completely the appropriate response
  4. Maybe the head teacher didn't anticipate that the teaching in the first aid day would prove so successful.
  5. My advice is to propose in private, just after midnight the night before.

    Then (assuming he says yes!) do an assembly about 29 Feb/ Leap Year traditions, and lead up to... either telling everyone that you have done it, or acting the part.

    If the environment is as supportive as you say, that will be just as exciting for the pupils as if you had done it 'for real' there in front of them.
  6. So...I'm terribly nosy. Are you going to do it? I'll throw my bit in and say I don't think it's a great idea - echoing others opinions really. However, the fact that you are even considering it indicated that you are in a VERY different school from mine. I met my current partner at my school, and I never would have broadcast it around - let alone proposed!

    In any case, if it is the head that you will be proposing to, won't that totally compromise his professional stance in the school (it will the caretaker too, but I believe in a lesser capacity).

    Best of luck anyway, I do hope it works out well if you do go through with it.
  7. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    Well? Did ya did ya did ya?
  8. who cares? the whole thing is puke making.
  9. Oooo good luck for today if it already hasn't taken place that is!!!

  10. At my old school i'm sure this would have promted shouts of 'does she also strap on a ***** and take you up the **** sir?'.

    The man who would be king, did your colleague do it?
  11. Lapis, were you featured on lunchtime news?
  12. I don't want to offend anyone but I am CRINGING.
  13. MrDarcyswife

    MrDarcyswife New commenter

    Well spill the beans, did you do it, what happened?

    Come on the suspense is killing me!!

    Marsad - what was on the news?
  14. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

  15. misspiggy82

    misspiggy82 New commenter

    Was this the OP?? I can't imagine doing this infront of kids! I suppose being a drama teacher helps
  16. What was it Andy Warhol said about 15 minutes of fame?!
  17. Could it really be LapisLazuli? She said in an earlier posty that the staff are like family. In the news clip she tells us that she has only been in the school 2 months :s
  18. earlir post*

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