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What would you do in assembly if you had the guts?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by LapisLazuli, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Only I have an idea.... and am hoping someone will tell me its not insane.....
  2. Only I have an idea.... and am hoping someone will tell me its not insane.....
  3. TMWWBK -

    If you work at the school let us know how it goes!!!!
  4. Use your brain and DON'T DO IT. Just weird!

    If someone asked ME in assembly I'd say "no" AND I'd then dump them beacause they are weird!!

  5. thats the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard! i would be sooo embarrassed if someone did that to me! i take pride in telling the story of how i was propossed to, it was so romantic, i would just cringe if i had to tell people the most romantic moment in my life happend infront of 700 snotty faced kids! it's just a bit wrong!
  6. Well it's more like 65 pupils actually.
  7. That makes a world of difference.
  8. Given that we live here... well yes.
  9. As a pupil you are saying you are prepared to propose to a teacher or am I misreading something?
  10. Don't understand 72. Where's 'here'?
  11. it is a small boarding school. Apparently that makes it ok....
  12. So tacky and wrong, no matter what the school you are working in is like!

    Unless it's a Carry On film or St Trinians of course...


    Still, will be funny to hear the story if she does do it on Friday......
  13. Lots of people saying no,OP.

    Have you talkied about this to other teachers in your school, your friends etc..? What's the general feeling like?
  14. Um yes.

    Actually they are very supportive.

    I appreciate it isn't everyones ideal, and that our situation is unique. If themanwhowouldbeking does really work here - there are only 2 male members of staff, one being the caretaker and the other being the head - then he would almost certainly know that perhaps we are in a unique environment here.
  15. Best of luck to you, really, just I know that I would find the whole thing really embarrassing if it was me being proposed to.

    Which one is it, caretaker or head?
  16. Curiouser and curiouser. So the history teacher is also the head or a woman and you are a male pupil?
  17. Or I am showing my lack of diversity training!
  18. Marsad, haha! Have you been taking lessons from Aber?!
  19. Don't think I have met him, but I am totally confused or back affronted depending on the op's next post!
  20. OP, you asked for opinions (or seemed to) and have vehemently disagreed with everyone who's given theirs. You are clearly going to do whatever you want so what does it matter what everyone else thinks?

    Would love to know whether you are proposing to the HT or the caretaker though.

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