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What would you do for an inset

Discussion in 'Primary' started by redredrobin, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. I didn't actually get around to this as maths coordinator but planned to. I was going to set up equipment around the school. It would include the sandpit, water table, dice, playing cards, counters, dt equipment, paints, play dough etc (basically borrowing lots from nursery!) I would give teachers a list of objectives from their year group and they would go round the equipment looking at which objectives they could cover using that equipment. The idea came to me when I observed the amount of maths nursery children were doing and I wanted to persuade teachers through the school that maths could be practical.
  2. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Could you do some kind of sharing good practice inset? There are so many great ideas out there and in schools, teachers often don't get the time to talk to one another about them! Perhaps you could share some of the teachers' TV videos and discuss which parts could be incorporated into own planning and teaching.

    Our last inset was on marking and feedback. Very useful!
  3. gill42

    gill42 New commenter

    The school I am currently work long term supply at had an inset day on the last day of term. The school is currently very hot on Healthy School Status so we had a cooking day. The staff were paired off (no teacher with the TA they work with) and we had to follow recipes and work as team, sharing ovens and equipment etc.
    Whilst it was all cooking etc, we got a little bit of time to do things in our classrooms.
    After that we all sat down in the staffroom and ate all the food we had prepared - the rule being that we had to try a bit of everything (we had italian, indian, greek etc) and we all had to eat together

    It was great fun and one that we will remember.
  4. We never have any time during our insets to do any preparation. I tend to spend loads of time during the holidays in school but there are always last minute things I need to get ready for lessons the next day and there is never the time. Just half an hou would be nice.

    Raising standards in maths and literacy would be good. Sharinging good practice. Making sure everyone is following the same approach. Sharing things that have worked and things that haven't. How do we feel about the PF?
  5. 2 of our most memorable insets were going to the National Gallery in London by train we took part in a teachers day about their art for children I think it is Take a picture, and the other was driving into Birmingham to look around shops for resources for an India Week, we also visited a temple and tried on loads of Saris. Both were away from school and were good team building days.
  6. liking all these suggestions think this thread could be something ill be storing as a favourite for lots of future use. Keep these ideas coming

    One thought i had was taking everyone outside into grounds and asking them to plan some lessons eg literacy and maths in particular using outdoors
  7. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    I like that idea...could you give them a selection of equipment to inspire them (e.g. skipping rope, ball, chalk)?
  8. thehawk

    thehawk Occasional commenter

    go through ideas on the big websites, when do we have time to do that?
  9. Ideas for raising standards in maths, as an inset.

    Depends how many staff you have Bluerose but I would love to have done for a half day or day as math coordinator - Tour round school grounds with digital cameras and new framework objectives in small groups (4 at most - mixed year groups - R&Y1, - Y2&Y3, - Y4,Y5 & Y6) WIth the aim of creating a maths trail - and opportunities to take maths out of the classroom. _ Do you have a giant chess board out side... How many squares are on the board? etc How many rectangles are on the board.

    Session on S&L in maths with ideas they can use - focus on vocabulary - this really helps pupils to jump levels as they can suddenly access questions. (Did this as a staff meeting recently and could have spent longer on it - still have the powerpoint somewhere)

    Problem solving - get the teachers doing some activities and focus on skills pupils need.

    Cooking get the staff cooking - This seems to get forgotten or thought of as D&T but maths skills involved are huge. My year 3's can now all read a scale with divisions of 25g... they can all work read a measuring jug cylinder. - (In year 2 they never saw a set of scales but are very good at worksheets...)
    They massively improved time adding on 20 mins or 30 mins to work out when the biscuits needed to come out of the oven.

    If you want to be really hard on them (staff / pupils) get the to double or halve the recipe - ANd you can eat them later.

    This may encourgae teachers to 'go for it' with more creative maths teaching which can only benifit pupils.

    Just a few ideas that might be useful?

  10. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    1 thing I did at a shortish INSET session was to have staff check out the many lists of links made available by stars such as impis and get staff to reference them directly onto their medium term planning. Everyone enjoyed, found new stuff and made good use of the time.
  11. Im loving this thread
  12. We spent the morning discussing "consistency".We have a very creative curriculum but we try to have aframework to set it in and do the little things the same.Things like handwriting,where we put the date and underlining,words we use in discussing text type-do we call in beginning,middle,end or opening,body ,ending.The same with calculations.It was all the little things we ironed out really. It was very useful for maintaining standard-probably not the most memorable but useful for us!
  13. We are having an Inset at the Art gallery in June followed up by project and trips there

    On a more boring note I once handed our lot some pumpkins and told them to plan some maths lessons around them

    I have to do an Inset on Rainbow reading/writing for our staff so will just teach a lesson to the staff
  14. Currently we use one inset split into 3 twilight sessions to plan our whole school targets for the next session.

    We had a general procedures, policies etc at the beginning of the year - but we did have 6 new members of staff.

    We've got a day on manual handling coming up. Also we are going to have a half-day inset on using Revelation Natural Art on the computers.

    For maths - we've had sessions on how to make maths more practical (as other posters have said, using things like playing cards, dominoes etc. This lead into a parents session showing how they could play maths games without going out and buying lots of expensive games.

    Not had much for literacy though I would love to get Ros WIlson, Pie Corbett, Tim Rylands or anybody similar to come and speak to us. Just need to persuade the head that the money spent will improve our standards.
  15. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Sharing everyones (and actually doing) everyones favourite 2 or 3 starters.
  16. Ohhh if you want to see sparks fly another idea for an INSET...

    Review of handwriting policy - open or closed b's and p's
    up strokes / starting from the line
    Joins from reception...
    straight or rounded bottoms for w's

    The fun from that kept me smiling for weeks.

    Look at / review of calculation policy - we did this and slashed the number of methods pupils have become more secure with methods and level of understanding hasn't changed a great deal.
  17. milk.... no thanks know how contentious such little things can be was looking to get fun in a more creative way not fur flying :)

    Lots of good ideas here im now thinking for next year want to make as many staff meetings (which we also use as training) as fun and interactive as possible, some sadly cant be but should be more hands on than they are but need ideas and then time to plan ahead but think if had a few core ideas like, baking, outdoors, gardening, even take a pumpkin could probably match to any of the core objectives for our SIP which dont really change so keep these ideas coming and if i get chance to create anything from them will post in resource bank
  18. Don't suppose you still have that powerpoint??! Looking for creative ideas for maths inset and would love to have a look...
  19. love this thread and thought id bump it up for others to add to

    In similar way to suggestion above re setting up a maths trail thought putting out a range of books to see if people could plan maths lessons around them- have got a list of good books for this but would have to see what could find in school.

    Would like to send staff out in groups with camera and some writing objective to see what they come up with as im sure we could do so much more with the outdoors. Not sure if need to be more specific with guidance on this or if that would take creativity away what do others think? or would you hate it?
  20. thoughts?

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