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What would you do? Failed PM.. beyond my control.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by whyamIstillhere, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Really long winded story and I hope its not too ranty.

    I started at a new school in Sept 2014. It became an academy at the same time due to going into Special Measures. I was one of the few good teachers in my previous school and was outstanding in EYFS. I chose to step down from Deputy for my own work/life balance.

    I have worked in East London schools most of my teaching career so when I was given a class of Y6 children that had 60% working at least a level below expected age range, I was not surprised. However, it soon became obvious that the other Y6 did not have the same problem.

    It was the world's worst kept secret that the class teacher had cherry picked who she wanted in her Y6 (and although a few were below working level) they were a much better behaved bunch. I was told by many TA's that she had swapped her troublemakers throughout the years (she's had the same class for 2 years) into my current class and she's taken the more academic children from mine.

    I have spent all year dealing with awful behaviour, children that are clearly undiagnosed SEN. I had daily fights, arguments or a random children distracting the learning.

    I've struggled with stress in the past and this took it to a whole new level, I have refused to be signed off for stress. To top this off, I have a year partner who is on the same level as me (We're both SLT) who is really snappy.. she can fly off the handle, rarely speaks in a professional manner when stressed and seems to want it all her way. I am first to admit that I am not the most organised person but to be made to feel useless by my stage partner is not something I go to work to deal with. It's gotten to the point that the last few weeks have been unbearable and TA's are pointing it out to me that how she speaks to me is not acceptable. An example of this is when rehearsing for their performance, I took a group of children upstairs to continue singing and she actually checked with her TA if I had done it!

    I have chosen to ignore it, as I know we will not be in the same year next year (I am moving to Year 2).

    I spoke to my head teacher, who is brilliant, about it and she told me she was aware that I was not told fully about the class before I accepted the job (she started in Sept also). She also said she did not realise that my year partner and I did not get on. The sad thing is, she is a lovely person just not professionally.

    However, after my Performance Management, for the first time in 10 years of teaching, I have not met the expected targets for my children in their SATS, although most have made outstanding progress (apart from my undiagnosed SEN children). My only NQT did not pass, as they did not give me enough time to support her due to focusing on SATs as well as the deputy taking over (even though it was on my PM!). I actually left my PM meeting with the deputy feeling really incompetent as a teacher and a person.

    My TA and other teacher friends in other schools think I should raise the swapping of children to create a low ability class to the principal, but I feel it would just be rocking a boat that does not need to be disturbed.

    As much as I love working in education, I have made the decision to either leave teaching (whole other dilema) or find a school in another area that is not an East London school, as I am moving in the summer to Brighton.

    I am not sure if I just write this year off as a giant test of my own ability and patience and start next year with a clean sheet.

    Any advice would be great as I am really not feeling it at the moment :)
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    What you could do is do some supply when you move to Brighton and take your time to fin another school that will treat you better.

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