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What would you do- any advice please?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by breadmaker, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    One of our teachers has returned to work after mat. leave. She has TLR , but seems very uninterested in her job any more. She is now part time and according to the TA who is in the class with her all day, she is regularly missing out the introduction/whole class teaching session, instead asking the TA to read them a story whilst she sets up the room- y1. The same TA has also reported that this teacher has put the children in front of a dvd on some afternoons while she does her marking.
    I have tried popping into the room unannounced but have, so far, not seen anything untoward.. I have no reason to disbelieve the TA, but Iwould welcome advice for any suggestions with wher eto go with this. It does seem from her submitted planning and from some of her comments, that she is currently working out how much she can get away with without getting found out.
  2. A pity the children are not a little older, you could conduct some pupil interviews and be reliable informants ( TA would not be compromised). It may well have to come down to Performance Mangt making sure you reference to Teachers' Standards.
  3. Book scrutiny? Venn Diagram? Take TA away & see what happens!
  4. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Thanks for your replies. I'm not sure I understand the point about a Venn Diagram?Please could you explain further. I understand the point about taking the TA away, but I feel that we have worked hard to get to the stage where staff have got the message that the TA's are to be in the room working with the children all day and not doing display, photocopying, marking for teachers- which is what used to happen - so if I start taking her out, I think this teacher would follow my lead and then ask TA to do other things that weren't working directly with the children. Also, as we are a two form entry school. I couldn't take one TA away and leave the other and her year group colleague works incredibly hard. Atm, the job share partner of this teacher is doing more than 50% but is o.k. with this as she is putting the children first and relishing her days off with her own young children.
    Any further advice gratefully received. Thanks.
  5. Although it's Early in Y1 so it may be hard to tell, a book scrutiny should show any lack of consistency between the two classes. Also, presumably the the Job Descriptions you sign at the start of the PM meeting make the expectations of TLR teachers clear and might be a good way in to a conversation about balancing new family commitments with the Salary she is drawing?
  6. Venn Diagram: use as part of Perf M to monitor the progress of the class with the Teacher. Making slight alterations by moving TA's around at some points in the day to address needs across parallel classes would tell you a great deal. You can also maximise on TA skills this way. Quality first teaching should not rely on TA support and here may be your opportunity to gather evidence.

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