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What would be your priorites?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by alba21, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. alba21

    alba21 New commenter

    I am applying for a HOD job in a Manchester city school and I have started thinking about the changes I would make and how I would make them. I'd appreciate any comments...
    <u>Context: recently out of special measures, English named as area for improvement, tough catchment area, lots of part-time staff in the dept.</u>
    - Present vision for the dept and collaborative revision/ discussion as whole dept.
    - Curriculum audit: what do you (we) do well already and where are the gaps? Create action plan to address these and allocate areas of responsibility to all members.
    - Watch all staff and grade followed with discussion and targets.
    - Break down exam data and identify common areas for improvement/ groups of students underachieving. Ensure teachers are aware of these groups in their classes.
    Have I missed something really obvious? Thanks in advance... [​IMG]
    revisions Curriculum audit
  2. A couple of thoughts - what if the (mostly part time) members of the faculty don't want to take on responsibility for no extra pay? You'd be taking the money, so the work has to be done by you. Secondly, when you use the wording "watch all staff" I believe you mean you'd "set up rigorous Monitoring & Evaluation systems which are transparent, facilitate the professional development of all colleagues and ultimately secure the progress of all students"?
  3. There are ways of getting stuff out of part-timers if they are reluctant to play ball. For example, we have gaps with some KS3 schemes of work that should have been in place two years ago. My intention is to request copies of all staff schemes of work and worksheets for all units in the coming year. We get a resourced KS for little additional outlay of effort. Of course, I'm expecting my staff to have lesson plans - or overviews or whatever - and their own resources as there's nothing central, so I'm not asking for anything they haven't got. If they haven't got it (because they plan on the back of an envelope, or something), they are going to have have to get their act in order this year because lesson planning is a requirement of all staff. I'm not going to specify the format so they can't complain, but I'm going to get what I want and need.
  4. Can I just completely back up lifeistooshort here?!! Yes as a HoD you are looking out to tick all the SMT boxes but nowhere do you talk about supporting your team in your introduction? They are clearly going through a tough time and the last thing they want is someone from outside who is telling them how rubbish they are.
    Also don't underestimate how much energy and time it will take for you to settle down and to get your classes to be as you want them to be. Your department will be watching you very closely and even more so if you are coming in riding on a high horse.
    Listen, praise, ask - invite them to watch you. Be someone you would like to work for.

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