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What works well in Maths, Year 6?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by cyolba, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Can they add and subtract 3 digit numbers without a calculator?
    So they know their multiplication tables up to 10x10?
    Can they do simple division as the reverse of multiplication?
    Can they use a ruler properly?
    Can they recognise simple shapes?

    If so, any secondary school will be happy to have them. teach them that and try to ignore the NCT results

    cyolba, pleading for basic skills teaching :)
  2. How about posting what you have done day in day out to believe its your teaching that has led to this outcome which you see as poor?
    As the post above says, basics maths will see most kids through.
    Success is often beyond results of 'staged' tests.
  3. on the other hand, for improved sats results, do they know how and when to use a calulator. y6's frequently attempt (and get wrong) arithmetic beyond their scope on the calculator paper
    have you analysed the papers to see if there are obvious areas of weakness?
    do you have old schemes lurking in dark cupboards that you could take home to see if they address any of these?
    are you head of maths - if not, can you discuss with them? if you are, what about your borough maths co-ordinator?
    how many year groups do you have? we run a remedial maths group in y6, both for sats results and to have as many kids as possible up to speed before they infuriate cybola - but we are 3 form entry
    as the maths results are below the literacy, this is probably not so, but at our school we often have lots of high level 5's in tandem with below-average rest of the year - we are a school with few children 'in the middle' - is this an issue at your school?
  4. Thank you to everyone for their posts. We are a one form entry and 16/28 got L5, we did the optional L6 paper and 6 achieved that. So there is a very bright group. I think I may have focused on these too much and maybe left the lower end behind and I feel really guilty! We are only talking 5 children but they are 3% each but more importantly they deserve better teaching.
    I just don't know how to do it differently, as a one form I find it so hard to cater to 2a-5 and don't want to miss either end or the middles. I analysed the papers today and many got the timetables and rhombus questions wrong and made silly mistakes on calculations but most are secure on the four operations. Nothing really is springing up as a big area of concern except for retention of information. I need it all to stick!
    In terms of a remedial group, do you follow anything in particular or just work on weaknesses? The current year 5 are of a much lower ability so I have some serious thinking to do
    Thanks to everyone for their time
  5. i will ask - but not till next week as am headless chickening atm

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