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What work is included in an agency days pay and what is paid extra -eg Meetings

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mcwilliams3456, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Having done a bit of research, it seems that Supply Teachers have no rights to speak of, until or unless thay have worked in a school for 12 weeks continuously. It was once accepted that after school meetings and parents evenings were paid extra to the daily rate -even through agencies. As it is now a buyers market for the schools this all seeems to have gone by the board. What have others found?
  2. Depends on the Agency. Most agencies expect you to do any marking and leave a handover at the end of any short term assignments, but on Longer term assignments they expect you to take full responsibility for the role, including any parents evenings + Extra curricular activities for no extra pay.
    Sometimes you can come to alternative arrangements if you speak to your consultants but if you're there for 2 terms and have 2 parents evenings to do, I wouldn't expect much. If the additional requirements are a bit more demanding, something can usually be agreed.
  3. I was told that on a long term assignment one parents evening was expected but if there was an additional one you got paid for it. Otherwise you did everything else as you would as a normal member of staff without additional payment.
    Working in a very difficult school, in Special Measures, including Ofsted, I managed to negotiate an extra £2 a day! It wasn't enough.
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    On agency flat rate I'd expect to be paid extra for parents' evenings and have managed to negotiate that with the school I'm currently in. I base that on the principle that flat rate is an hourly rate, so I should be paid for additional hours spent in the school, especially if the parents evening is on one of my days off.

    If I'm fortunate enough to be paid scale rate due to the AWR then as far as I'm concerned parents' evening is all part of the package, just as it is for permanent scale-paid staff. Only my opinion you understand.

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