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What will you buy with your £3000 match funding for phonics?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by cf5mhc, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. It's quite likely that you won't have a lot of choice. From comments I've read else where—and a bit of online searching—it seems that the process for getting on the 'approved list' is so opaque that only the big publishers will have the resources and expertise to jump through all the hoops before the 16 May deadline. So the small suppliers will be frozen out. But I'm sure you'll get your OUP resourses[​IMG]
    Could this be a cosy stitch-up between civil servants and the companies that'll employ them as consultants when they retire?
  2. A good analogy might be paying into recent government loft insulation schemes: what I want is the grant to buy the best stuff & roll it out myself but no I can only have the grant if I agree to the worst grade of insulation money can buy & an idiot to roll it out who has a certificate of competence. Sounds like those out of work National Strategy teams are on their way back to a school near you...
  3. fairport

    fairport New commenter

    I'm planning to buy into Read Write Inc very soon. Any idea on timescales for the match funding. I don't want to spend many thousands now and then find that the government would have paid half!
  4. A good political choice. I am led to believe that Ms Maskin is very close to ministers.....!
  5. Of course it is, my masake, or mistake !!!!!
    I'm sure it is good, if you like that kind of thing!
  6. OUP phonics books have been approved
  7. The phonics match funding will be available from the 1st of September 2011 until the same time in 2013. Each primary school will be entitled to £3000 of match-funding in total over the 2 years, which includes both resources and training.

    One good point to make is that if you have booked onto any approved phonics training already which takes place in the allotted 2 year time frame you can claim retrospectively.

    The catalogue of approved resources and training suppliers/courses should be released by the end of September this year.

    Russell - OsirisEducational
  8. Tom....not old joke, totally political and good program for poor teachers!

  9. Considering she is part of the panel for the new curriculum and probably writing the Y1 reading test as I type - RWI is on the cards!!!!!

  10. Exactly, and this following lots of legal muscle flexing with Mr. Balls.......So there we have it, advisor advising we use her product, which, no doubt would have been licensed to other providers, based around an intervention program..................brilliant. Until we know what's happening with assessment, curriculum, phonics etc. for real, why gamble with match funding? Although some of the provider's high pressure, "we won't be able to do training this year unless you sign up now" double glazing sales techniques are rather laughable!
  11. Synthetic Phonics is no mystery and easy to deliver with no resources. Why all the fuss? I've seen all the published additions to it and they all look a waste of money. Our EP trained us a few years ago and I've trained others since. The matched funding would be better spent on reducing the cost of Reading Recovery for every school.
  12. Well said,although I doubt the Gove would be interested in matching the 0.5 cost of a teacher!

  13. Only if it was 0.5 of a male teacher...!?!
  14. chortle!!!!!
  15. Oh dear. Therein lies the problem.
  16. Problem? Please expand 24601. RR is excellent if delivered well. Phonics programmes however are a total rip off.
  17. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    Please please don't waste your money on the OUP phonics programme - I was on a course last week delivered by the person who wrote it. She stated that personalised learning is not possible, and her one size fits all 'multisensory' 'differentiated' worksheets were the answer! Absolutely dire.
  18. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    This is a public forum and so I will keep this response very professional. All I am going to say is on here, you talk the talk but this is a very different picture to the one you painted on the day.
    I was listening very carefully, so carefully in fact that I heard everything you said, and am still shocked at a lot of it. I am very open minded to new approaches, hence my attendance on the day, in my own time.
    I haven't even begun (and I won't be doing on here) to give an 'unfair desciption of events', just a truthful one if anyone would like to PM me.
    You did say, by the way, that personalised learning was not possible, in today's real world, and this is where you give an unfair version of events. And you did say that each 'multisensory worksheet' (?) was differerentiated. How you can give the same worksheet to every child and call it differentiated is laughable. I could go on and add more, but I think my fellow educated professionals can assume the rest.
    I won't be responding again to any reply from yourself but I just wanted colleagues who were deciding on where to spend money, to do so on resources that are fit for purpose.


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