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What will you be doing over the summer holidays?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by amykins959, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. amykins959

    amykins959 New commenter

    Hi everyone
    I have been a secondary food tech supply teacher in Birmingham for 2 years now and my husband gets frustrated when I am not working over the summer holidays. I generally stay at home and do as little as possible to preseve money.
    Earlier this year I applied to work for a summer camp teaching food. They emailed me saying I was going to have a phone interview over half term. I was moderating over the half term and was in so didn't have my mobile on. For some reason I received no call so I am thinking, no job. I left a message with this company yesterday and will phone them again today - no doubt I have left it too long to get back to them.
    My husband isn't in to beach holidays so we tend to go on holiday in October or December. We have no kids.
    I am interested in what YOU do over the holidays and have any ideas for me and others.
  2. I up my hours working at the museum to four day a week. Some bar work at festivals. I have two weeks excavating which is brillant as I am far too removed from practical archaeology this year. I will be scuba diving (doesn't cost much off the beach with friends - a bit of petrol and £3.50 for an airfil), going for walks (with the lodger's dog and she pays me), reading for my PhD as trying to get the literature review finished and writing a paper for presentation in December and publication next year.
    Like you I really don't have a lot of cash, so try and do free stuff. Is there any way you can put a tiny amount of money away when earning so you have a summer holiday stash? I don't have a husband so my money (and debts) are my own, but I assume you contribute to running the house most of the time.
  3. I'm currently working at a school in Leicestershire, and their term ends on 13th July instead of 20th like everywhere else, so my holidays start pretty early.
    I'll be getting into all the preparation for my PGCE, doing preliminary rEnhancement eading and so on.
    I'll also be spending 2 weeks on a Spanish Subject Knowledge course - haven't worked out whether I should commute or if I can afford to go into university accomodation for this.
    I've saved up a bit of money during the last term, so am hoping to go on holiday for a week at the start of September. But I might end up having to use that money to live off over the summer.
    I'm owed a fairly sizeable tax refund which I shall be pestering HMRC for, because I had 4 different employers last year so was on emergency tax codes.
    I might also consider asking the restaurant where I used to work if they'd take me back on a casual basis, just to do a day here and there when they have weddings. I can't be bothered going back properly and doing loads of evenings, but if they could give me one ten hour shift per week or something, it would at least mean I'd have money for food.
  4. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    Does he work full time during the holidays?Its crazy he gets frustrated if you happen to have 6 weeks off and he does not....sounds like hes a little envious as its not like you don't work at all.To possibly ease the situation you could do volunteering and charity work? You wouldn't be paid but it would be rewarding and save boredom.

    My hubby is a teacher so we just chill out and sort out things, I usually save supply money up all year so we can have a holiday too.
  5. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    if it was the other way round, no doubt he would be given a list of jobs to dopaint the bedroom, repair the fence, clear out the garage, sort out the garden, take all that lot to the dump.......
  6. amykins959

    amykins959 New commenter

    He's a chef and works really hard.
    Basically I'm a lazy git! I wouldn't dream of giving him at list! He is much better at thinking of things to do. We both hate DIY and live in a rented house so thats not a problem!
    Any ideas about where to volunteer or do charity work? Its a bit last minute! God I'm lazy and disorganised!
  7. Teaching is one of the hardest job you can do. Therefore, you deserve to do nothing over the summer holidays! Your husband should respect that. :)
  8. I hope to volunteer at the youth theatre with their summer 1 week courses. I don't have any plans to do any paid work but I would probably go for summer day camp run by the LA. Next summer I might apply to do that.
  9. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    I suddenly feel very fortunate to have a partner who actively tries to let me enjoy my time off: he's happy if I go away with friends for a few days, even. It sounds like both you and your partner have hard jobs - I don't expect mine to be doing some form of work when I'm at school on Saturdays for sports fixtures, and he doesn't expect me to be doing things in the school holidays.
  10. amykins959

    amykins959 New commenter

    Well I have good news! I got the summer camp job after much chasing! Its only a week but its a start! I have missed the central training as I wasn't employed until after it had happened and have a proir arrangement on the specific site training day!!! GRRR!! I am sure it wil be like going into a school on supply but actually having to lead sessions!
    I have started a combined 140 hour TEFL so I will be doing soemthing productive over the summer hols. Next summer I plan to get a TEFL job in a summercamp over the summer or maybe do an intership overseas. My husband wants me to do this as he knows I can do it. My confidence is at a low so I know that this is what I need to do to improve it. ( I am sure I will be about 10 years older than most of the people doing this!)
    Sulis - counciling sounds like a good idea -everyone needs someone to talk to who isn't going to enforce their opinions on you. I have only just realised how down I was and I hope I am on the upward path. Let me know how you are. I am similar but without rthe kids.
    I found some volunteering work which I have to apply for so I will have to see what happens!

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