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What will my pay be now...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Waggytail01, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Waggytail01

    Waggytail01 New commenter

    Hi I am going to be returning after maternity 2 full days a week and alternate Fridays (sharing one full time role). I am at the top of the pay scale and wondering what my monthly pay is going to be can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks
  2. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    half time = half pay. But actual pay will be dependant upon stoppages.
  3. FritzGrade

    FritzGrade Senior commenter

    What fraction of full time is 2 days a week and alternate Fridays?
  4. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    Alternate fridays = 1/2 day. Plus 2 days = 2.5 days. 2.5 days is half of 5 days!
  5. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter


    Each full day per school week is 0.2, so the two full days every week =0.4
    Alternate Fridays are half of the 0.2 allocated to one day per week, so 0.1

    On 0.5 under Burgundy Book, you would be expected to attend half of INSETS but only if they happen on your scheduled work days. If they occur at other times you can decline to attend or agree to attend with extra pay. The same applies to Parent's evenings.
    Directed time would be 1265 divided by 2 = 632.5 hrs annually.
    PPA would be half of the standard offered to f/t teachers at your school
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  7. Waggytail01

    Waggytail01 New commenter

  8. Waggytail01

    Waggytail01 New commenter

    Thanks Wanet & Cissy3. I know it was split down the middle but how the actual pay is arrived at is what I meant as Cissy3 says so many people have told me different ways of how it actually works.
  9. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    For gross pay, If you look up the Teachers Pay Scales table, just find your FT pay, and divide by 2 !

    Net pay then depends on tax. Ni etc
  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I've never understood the whole INSET and directed time-thing. If you don't work on staff meeting day or INSET days, when do you ever make up your directed hours? I must attend roughly 40 staff meetings a year and 5 INSET days, so anyone doing 0.5 would need to make up those 35 hours somehow.

    Could someone explain to me how it works, please? I'd be interested in going part-time in the future.
  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Heads should plan INSETs and meetings on different days of the week.

    If all INSETs /meetingsfall on one of your p/t work days, you should only attend a pro-rata number of them. If you are asked to attend others, do so only if you want to and only with extra pay.

    If none of them fall on your work days, the Head can allocate you other duties to make up your DT hours. You cannot be made to do more than your allocated DT hours but it's perfectly OK if the Head does not allocate all your DT hours.

    If you have missed relevant training or there is information that you need from meetings, you can be allocated DT hours on your work days to read the handouts and notes that were generated or to have information disseminated to you by colleagues.
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  12. josienig

    josienig Star commenter

    :confused: 40 staff meetings?? How long do they last and when are the held?

  13. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    39 teaching weeks a year, one meeting a week equals nearly 40 staff meetings. Each is an hour roughly. I thought this was the norm?

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