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What will everyone be doing for funding in their PGCE year?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rhirhimajic, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Just out of interest, what will everyone else be doing for money in their PGCE year?
    I have a grant/loan combo from the student finance company of just under £6500. I've divided this into 12 (September 2011-August 2012 inclusive) which is just under £550 a month. I then get around £350 a month whilst I'm in education (September-June inclusive) from my late father's pension scheme.
    Do other people have alternative means of funding?
  2. fluffysparkles

    fluffysparkles New commenter

    Nope! At £850 a month you're doing better than most I think! It's going to be a very tight year! [​IMG]
  3. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    My loan plus small grant will put fuel in my car for placements and pay bus fares to uni. After that I'll be entirely reliant on my husband to pay the mortgage and all household bills.
    Childcare is our biggest issue. With two children, after school club costs us £23 every day and half terms are £53 per day. We're likely to need to start using Breakfast Club too at £5 per day. Thank goodness I won't need to book them for the Christmas & Easter hols too! I'm really hoping for one placement closer to home so that we can cut the after school club hours sometimes. I'm hoping that Student Finance will confirm some help towards these costs.
  4. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Yes, I know what you mean. The funding I have this year amounts to around the same as the money I've had this year just gone from my student loan and my part time job, so I'll be on familiar ground with finances. However, this year I only went to uni 3 days a week (driving in as I live half an hour away), PGCE year will be one trip to uni then 4 trips to the school, so I'm also hoping for somewhere nearby to try and keep petrol costs down.
    I'm in the fortunate position where I live with my mum at home, so it's rent free, however with the bills I do have (car, laptop finance, overdraft etc) I'll have about £300 per month left over for petrol, course materials, food etc. As I live half an hour away from uni, in an area with 5 local secondary schools, I'm hoping I'll get first dibs on local placements to save on transport, whereas those living closer to the uni will probably be vying for the Cardiff schools :p
    I'm not hugely worried, it's just going to be a little tight this year if I can't curb my book-buying habit. A little tough as I'm an English lit graduate on an English PGCE! I've read so many posts where people have less funding than me, with mortgages, kids, rent etc to pay for, so I don't feel like I should complain TOO much...
  5. oceanic-dolphin

    oceanic-dolphin New commenter

    Hi! I am starting the PGCE course in September and was wondering if anyone knew how much money we would need, on average, per month (including rent, bills, transport, food, etc). When I did my calcuIations, it came to £600/month (living frugally, of course). Does this seem about right?
    Does anyone know roughly how much we we would be spending?
    I'll be getting the minimum maintenance allowance :( and will have to use the money I've been saving up since I graduated last year.
    Thanks a lot!
  6. I have bills of £500 a month as I have a mortgage :( I also have travel costs as I cant move to uni. they are £50 a week by train. I have £71 a month left over!!!

    Luckily, I also have a partner, who has kindly promised he wont let me starve :) and will cook me nice meals. I have also bought all my stationary and clothes in advance, although my wardrobe will repeat within 2 weeks, lol.
    Oh and I will get my tax back to cover the reading list...
    And a birthday to cover any extra essentials I suddenly have come september
  7. I'm very very lucky that my fiance makes a very good wage and is able to support us for the year. If he didn't make as much as he did there would be no way we could do it. xxx
  8. I shall not be getting a lot since I'm seen as dependent upon my parents (financially) still so I get the very basic maintenance loan and that's it. A week ago I made a 'finance' spreadsheet and depressed myself thoroughly. In September I'll have £27 to go wild with (after food, rent, travel etc)!! However, I think I'm going to get a student bank account with an overdraft and just spread it out evenly... so some months I'll be under, some months over.
    I shouldn't complain too much. I have a support family and partner, so it won't be too bad but it will be tight and the whole thing is not set up brilliantly.
    Good luck to you all!
  9. I'm very lucky that I have a very nice Grandad who is going to fund me for the year and a boyfriend who is going to buy me some nice things every so often.

    I work in education at the minute and some of our parents claim for childcare costs to cover where I work- all students should get 80% of costs covered for childcare through the childcare assistance grant (if they are ofsted registered)- hope that helps!
  10. Will be a difficult year. I'm doing a Primary PGCE. My parents' household income is below £25,000 perannum so I get full maintenance loan and maintenance grant, but that only comes in at £4,500 for the year. I can't complain,getting the full amount is excellent, but I do forsee struggling on it, even when living at home full-time, and my folks are in no position at all to help me out, I have no relatives left to give me money....

    Should be interesting. I am wondering whether to get a Saturday job, like a 6 hour shift or something. Don't see how I'd pay for any socialising if I don't.
  11. all students should get 80% of costs covered for childcare through the childcare assistance grant (if they are ofsted registered)
    The childcare grant is means-tested. I applied for it through SF. My husband earns £23,000 but we were told we earnt too much to qualify for it. They added on things like child benefit and tax credits which must have taken us over whatever threshold they have - they didn't give us an explanation.
    We did qualify for the maintenance grant, and that's it.
  12. I really do not recommend getting a part time job. Anyone who attempted it on my course just got themselves into a lot of problems, especially those on Primary courses who, when on placement, will need a lot of time at the weekend making resources and sorting out planning.
    It will all depend on how much you want to put into it, but teaching is more of a lifestyle than a job, I was told by teachers I knew when I came into teaching to make sure that I had one day at the weekend and one evening a week not working. That has generally kept me sane, but of course it is an average, if it's report time or SATs time, or assessment time then you may well work solidly through whole weeks, when it's a quieter time you may only need two evenings a week working. Also it depends how much you put into it. Some teachers are happy just doing the basics they need to get by in the classroom, others like to have new resources a lot and put more into things and just go that one step further for the kids, because at the end of the day that is what we are there for, to help them achieve what they want by having fun and learning the essential tools for their life.
    When it comes to placements it depends on your institution. Most as far as I'm aware will let you claim back any travel costs that are in excess to the costs you would incurr getting to your institution. So if your placement is less travel distance than your trip to uni than you cant claim any back, if you are 5 miles further away then you can claim for that 5 miles.
    I would say though dont assume they will place you anywhere. A lot of times allocations seem to make no sense. I knew lots of people whose placements made no sense, including one of mine. I had to take two trains, a bus, and a taxi to get to placement and a fellow trainee lived within walking distance of said school but was sent on a 1.5 hour bus journey to a school I could have walked to.
    Another lived an hour and a half out from campus, there were 3 schools near the village she lived in. Three students were sent to them who lived within 10 minutes of uni and she was sent to one 2 miles out the other side of uni so ended up travelling further than normal.
    It doesnt happen all the time, but sometimes they make no sense the way they allocate these things.
    When it comes to books check local 2nd hand shops and ebay and amazon marketplace and the likes, check your local libraries etc. Look around on the site etc to see what people recommended you definately need.

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