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What were your best / worst end of term presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cakeshop, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. 2005rachel0

    2005rachel0 New commenter

    My worst has to be out of date chocolates or a very dodgy pirate copy of Nanny McPhee. But my best was lovely; I got some really nice Christmas tree ornaments from a girl who I'd really enjoyed teaching. I think of her every year when I put my tree up and it always makes me smile, I met her mum again the other day and the 'little' girl is now all grown up but I still remember her as the gorgoeus 8 year old she was.
  2. I don't mean to be rude but why has no one noticed that this person can't spell "drawer" - "draw" is a verb and "drawer" is a noun.
    Do you teach English to children? I hope they are very young!
  3. wellingtonboot

    wellingtonboot New commenter

    Best present was at the end of my first year of teaching: a small purple shamrock plant in a clay pot which the child had decorated herself. It's still going strong many years on, having long outgrown the pot and split into many, many plants, since given to my mum, nan and several friends.
    Worst present was a pair of cheap Cute Cherub resin ornaments given to me by a set of twins (a pair of over-indulged bullies who resembled cabbage patch dolls) - their mum said she chose them because the ornaments looked like her girls. My thanks must have sounded sincere because they gave me another two from the same collection at the end of the year, plus another one from their cousin! They're all in a box somewhere for safe-keeping, but would be prime candidates for the Special Shelf!
    Most treasured are the cards written by the children, particularly those who really struggle with writing...
  4. One of my students bought me a lovely photo frame and vase. Another bought me some spa bath stuff. Whilst both were gracefully received, they pale into insignificance when compared to the gift received by one of my colleagues. His year 10 tutor group (on learning that he will not be their form tutor in year 11) clubbed together and bought him a 12-string guitar!
  5. I got a few 3 page letters from Year 7s when I was leaving which were lovely and I still have. A hand-made card from Year 10s (Year 10s!!!!) which they had all signed. Plus a bottle of wine, cards,bath sets, jewellery sets and an expensive body balm thing. Overall an excellent haul. On the bad side I also got a tax disc holder for my car.
  6. Last year my class clubbed together and adpoted me a meerkat from the local zoo which I thought was a lovely idea oh and £60 worth of Fatface vouchers. I didn't think that could be topped this year but it was - I received a book from my class which had been published and had a photo of each child with a printed thank you message to me.
    It really was a lovely idea!
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Wotworklifebalance - your post was quite upsetting. How cruel can some parents be? Mind you, this year, one of my parents bought the TA a gift and pointedly gave it to her in front of me. The child later said, "I wish we'd got you something too, Mrs Lardy".
  8. veritytrue

    veritytrue New commenter

    HT shouldn't have allowed this obvious snub to you wotworklifebalance.
  9. I love all the pressies. The chocolates go down well as I have teenagers always ready to help me eat them! Bath stuff - nice, drink - nice, husband always helps out there. The teacher stuff I keep in the classroom so they see it when they come in with messages the next year! Mugs are always welcome as they disappear fast in our place. It's the messages in the cards I love though - when a parent has taken the time to say thanks (as one did particularly this year) or the child has made the card themselves...or even the present. I'm so sad but I cry every time! I feel sad for the kids who would like to get something but can't (I was that child!) which is why I think it should be stopped really. I would miss the choccies though...
  10. I think this is so funny, really made me giggle!
    The self help books. Do you think they realised what was in them? Where can you get them from lol!
  11. As others, my fave presents are the letters and cards where children and their parents have written thanking me. Shows you your hard work is appreciated.
    Best presents this year: Henry Hoover desk hoover!! (my kids know I am OCD when it comes to tidying and cleaning!) Also, a pink netball signed by all the year 6 (I play netball plus run the school netball club). I was very touched.
    Strangest present: half eaten box of chocs, sellotaped shut.
  12. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    I had a dream about a ladybird with a human face last night. Horrific. I blame this thread.
    Update on presents: a mug like a blackboard with chalk to write on it (I liked this a lot: my Year 6 boys had clubbed together to buy it and all signed it - they'd decimated the chalk but replaced it in the mug...) a bunch of sunflowers (gorgeous), a gigantic yellow courgette (this one was from the gardening club), two bottles of wine, a box of Maltesers, a little four-pack of those seashell chocolates, a nice scented candle, a plastic flowerpot full of earth with a conker growing in it (allegedly) a small pot of Vaseline (eh?) and a soft toy Mickey Mouse clutching a big red heart with BE MINE written on it (special shelf). I was sincerely delighted to receive each and every one of these - a "thank you" present is a really lovely gesture.
    Vaseline, though. That's a bit strange. Isn't it?
  13. I had a beautiful hand-made turquoise bracelet made by one of my form tutees. She made the beads out of fimo clay and then her mum helped her to put them onto a bracelet. I was so chuffed as this particular girl doesn't always come across as the most thoughtful of people. It just goes to show eh! Also a lad in my form bought me a lovely Thornton's box of chocolates. Again another massive surprise. Mind you, I am a bit pathetic as every week my form get lollipops or an ice lolly in the hot weather and at the end of term I throw a pizza party. I suppose I do spoil them but at least a couple of them have shown their appreciation. Not bad out of a form of 16...
  14. I had some lovely presents from my class this year - having had them all for two years the children (and parents) know me very well and I received beautiful flowers, yummy chocolates and some beautiful jewellery. I got a number of cards from parents and children and two of those made me cry!
    I always take the time to send a personal thank you card to each child at home, whether they got me a card, present or both.
  15. Here is a thought:
    You are accountable to parents for the quality of your work and its impact on their children's learning that is why you are a teacher and this is reflected in your salary. Many parents feel pressurised to buy gifts even where teachers efforts with their children fall short of the mark. This is especially unfair where parents are on a low income or have children in several year groups.
    Most of the posts here show a disregard for these facts. The decent thing to do would be to suggest that parents contribute to a charity of the schools choice at the end of term to show their appreciation for a job well done.
  16. My most innocent present was a 7-year-old asking me a few day before Christmas if I shaved!
    All the 'Best-Teacher' stuff I give to my own kids to give to their teachers.
    Most unusual present I ever got was a handmade card from Africa made from recycled paper and elephant dung.
    Thanks to all the parents, presents are always appreciated, even if it's only a verbal 'Thank You'.
  17. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Best Present - a present that a few clubbed together to give me...a walkman (the old casette type) and a tape of them reading me a bedtime story! (that was from a primary class)
    Worst - a packet of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. (Secondary school - they don't usually give nice presents!)
    Strangest/Funniest...a choice between a half smoked joint from one lad and an offer of a tattoo from another (my mate does them and they're really good - he'll use a fresh needle if you ask!!!!) (I worked in a PRU)
  18. Which one did you decide to go for?![​IMG]
  19. Just a thought, and speaking as a mother, it might be worth remembering that the "best teacher tat" a great many of you dread to receive has probably been bought for you becasue the child in question has been desperate for their parents to buy it, because they actually think you are their best teacher.
    As a student, income is very low in our house, and with 5 children to provide for, it's very very hard to come up with something very original, or indeed something that will be wanted by my kids teachers. This year was a box of chocolates each because money wouldn't stretch. But each of the teachers said they were their favourites so I sincerely hope they weren't lying. And lets face it, even on a diet you can factor in a choccy or two a day. You don't have to gorge on the whole box in one go. But I digress...
    I'm lucky in a sense because I have a bit of inside knowledge so can sometimes try and make presents count on the spare money we do have. But rather than wishing poorer parents would not bother, or just send a card, or donate to charity, there are a great many of us who want to directly show our appreciation so please remember that next time you get a best teacher card/bookmark whatever, it will more than likely have been the child who actually thinks this of you.
  20. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I love the sentiment of the 'best teacher tat' and my desk happily boasts 2 pen pots and a placemat with such a logo! Usually I get chocs (which my kids love to help eat) and wine which gets donated back to school raffles and fundraisers as I don't drink wine. Smellies are a standard gift too and this year I got a fab bottle of butter fudge bath liquid which just smells divine! I very rarely have to spend out for posh bath and shower bits and appreciate that too.
    I had two dilemmas with my own kids this year. A. What to get a male teacher? (Gave him a lanyard with his football team on as easy to carry memory stick or whistle on - hopefully useful!)
    B. What to get for a child in ks1 with many classroom assistants etc, especially as the two classes freely mix and there were lots of gifts to buy... (DD2 drew little pictures which we put into photo coasters and added a bar of chocolate to each one...)
    Hope they went down well

    On reflection my best gift was actually the spontanious and uninvited mass hug that the girls (and a couple of red faced boys) came and gave me just as I was leaving...

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