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What were your best / worst end of term presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cakeshop, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Not replying to anyone in particular but as someone who works in a school and as a parent myself I feel that teachers should be grateful that parents make the effort to but them a present at all. Remember that parents do not have an endless bank balance they can access to but elaborate presents for you just for doing the job that you are paid to do.
  2. Forgot my favourite- an autographed set of song lyrics by Robbie Williams. I was gobsmacked.
  3. for anyone taking the p out of my english, take note that the t is very close to the y on a keyboard, therefore 'but' is meant to be 'buy'.
  4. I totally agree with you! I can't believe any teacher would be so ungrateful. I would hate to think the teacher and teaching assistant at my daughters school would have that attitude towards the presents I got for them.

  5. Well said!!
  6. I completely agree - well said,
  7. I agree. Having worked in a number of schools where a significant number of my pupils were from hard pressed backgrounds I have never expected anything, but thoughtful parents bought me any number of little nick nack type gifts which I have treasured as they remind me of why I became a teacher in the first place. To be honest the best of all is when either the child or the parent just says 'thankyou you have made a difference for the better'. May sound corny but it is true.
  8. I have to agree that this is the most rewarding of any gift a teacher can recieve. I had something very similar myself this year and between myself and the parent tears of happiness were shed. After almost giving up on her son she had told me how much impact I had had within his education and how he commented how "Miss X always lets me do what I want so I enjoy doing it". I tried my best to personalise his learning and I guess it paid off. I recieved other gifts but this meant the most to me and will for a long time to come.
  9. This was in response to how a simple (or in my case a very indepth) Thank you from a parent can be the best gift of all!
  10. This year was my best. It has been a very challenging year and I think I've done well with my class considering the obstacles we've all had to overcome this year. I'm currently pregnant and got lots of lovely baby things and they'd all hung on til the last minute so they knew what I was having - very thoughtful. Even better than that (and that did bring a tear to my eye) were the messages I had. A couple of really lovely things written in cards and parents hanging around after school to say thank you to me really meant so much. I always appreciate gifts, but a message or thank you means so much more and is really all any of us need :)
  11. Last year a boy who was fantastic at art drew a picture of me as a dragon (Hopefully because he enjoyed the work we did on mythical creatures!?) and had it framed. Was a lovely gift.
  12. Well as a mature secondary teacher just finishing my NQT, all I can say is be grateful for anything you get because nobody there seems to get presents unless they're actually leaving themselves. Although to be fair, the day our current yr 11s left, they did come all the way up to my 3rd floor classroom just to ask which car I was driving (mine or the husband's). It was only at later when I saw the caretakers throwing buckets of water over the cars parked either side of it (to remove the eggs!) that I realised why ... and got a few suspicious looks that only mine remained untouched, despite being in the middle of the row! Guess I must have done something right with them this year then ...
  13. Oh no! My daughter (in reception class) gave a homemade decorated box containing tea, coffee and hot chocolate to her teachers and teaching assistants.... I hope they liked it more than you!!
  14. You need to get out of teaching!
  15. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    I'm sure her teacher loved it! all the teachers at our school love the things kids make. I think the sweetest was a Reception child who made the reception class HLTA an extravagantly wrapped package, when I was looking through to find the 'present', she explained how the package was the present - lots of random scraps of paper with emergent writing on it!
    As a teacher with mainly teacher friends (sad I know); we don't expect anything. We're paid to do the job. Anything we do get is greatly appreciated but personally, I particularly love the handmade/homemade things and I stick them all on my board to display - one Year 4 child gave me a scrappy piece of folded A4 paper, with a drawing done in pen, and the message, "Goodbye" on it. I asked her if she was leaving cos I wasn't, so she took it back and added "I will miss you over the holidays". The little sweetheart had got confused cos all my Year 6's had been giving me goodbye cards.
    As I mentioned earlier, I got an amazing set of presents this year and the parents (who are all wonderful) paid for me out at the Y6 leavers do. Something I wasn't expecting at all but was told I'd offend them if I didn't put my purse away!
    As appreciative as I am of EVERYTHING, I have to admit, I did find it hard to muster up gratitude when presented with the live spider in the matchbox!
  16. I was at an inner city school for 7 years, one of the worst in Toronto. Wierdest: a box of Wagon Wheels--a bit like a Canadian Jaffa cake (I live and teach in Toronto) taped to a box of Chinese sweets that tasted sweet and smelled like roast beef. Then there was the time I got an end of the year gift in June--a Santa Claus teddy bear, from the same student who had given me a "Congratulations, Graduate," bear holding an empty money pouch at Christmas. Or the parent who whipped out ten bucks on the last day of term before Christmas. What do you do, take a tip? Well, as it turns out, yes, you do. And donate it to the Gift and Flower fund.
    Best gifts: I had been off for some time on a false allegation. The parents and students of my Y5 class got together and put a clothbound book together called, "Why Mr Jursic Is The BEST Teacher Ever." 60 pages including student poetry, paragraphs, photos, drawings, paintings, and originals of the letters every single one of the parents in the class (minus one, obviously) had sent to the School Board and my superiors, which ultimately helped get me exonerated. Later that year they nominated me for a national teaching award. I'd say that it doesn't get any better than that.
  17. Elektra

    Elektra New commenter

    Flippin heck! We'd be lucky to get a Sainsbury's carrier bag!!
  18. My primary school is in a fairly deprived area mixed with a very small amount of working families and the percentage of presents I get from the class is very small. Lets just say its chocolate, chocolate, chocolate all the way - Christmas and end of year! My class do snigger when I say rather loudly - 'Gosh, you are all trying to make me fat!' I must say that the best presents that I get are the 'best teacher' ones and the messages in the card, particularly if they are handmade. I secretly do desire to be bought a Radley workbag and other such items that our private school colleagues seem to get!
  19. I never get presents as I get in there first and tell them to just give me the money instead. One present I did have was a box of my favourite biscuits. In anticipation, I took a full bite only to find that they were six months out of date-didn't taste quite the same.
    I got a dressing gown which I felt was a bit odd and personal for a male teacher. Better than new pants I guess...
  20. I'm a 3rd yr education student but while i was in sixth form i took part in a paired reading scheme to help primary school children who were struggling with reading. I was with the same teacher for two years and one yr he bought me a box of chocolates from the class and i shared them with the kids who seemed so chuffed to be getting a chocolate!!

    I have to say though that the best present i ever received was that every child in the class wanted to read with me including the most advanced readers! I also got asked if i would go in and support the supply teacher who was taking the class while the teacher went for interviews (something only a select few knew about inc me!) I felt so appreciated and this spurred me on to be a teacher which hopefully will bcome a reality in 2 yrs!

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