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What were your best / worst end of term presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cakeshop, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Maybe you should tell them to donate to charity and not be so ungrateful!!!!
  2. I honestly appreciate anything at all, even the tat! I do feel a bit guilty that they have spent what little they have on me and the home-made cards and letters always make me feel really humble, bless them. Over the years I have taught in schools in affluent areas and in extremely deprived areas and to me it is the thought that counts, not the value and the "best teacher" things do bring a smile to my face.
    The most memorable last day was a few years back when I had a very special class and a real bond with them. Unknown to me they had all got together and decided that they would each write me a letter about how much they had loved the past year. They had persuaded the school secretary to give them an A4 folder and paper and had stuck all the letters in with a class photo. When I came into the class after break one little boy stood up and made a speech about how they all loved to come to school as I was always in a good mood and always smiling. I was totally taken aback and yes they did make me cry. I will always remember them and keep that folder for ever - it's great for when I'm despairing and my ego needs a boost!

  3. I'd love that, Jaffa's are my favourite![​IMG]
  4. Probably the best present I ever got was a birthday cake. This past September I turned 30 and it was a bit stressful... some girls in my class got me a cake with "Happy birthday Miss W" on it. And the science teacher arranged for his class to come up and sing to me... I cried!

    The worst was Christmas last year, when I got, kid you not, 50 boxes of chocolates! I couldn't GIVE them away! (And I tried... every party I went to, every family dinner, I brought at least 5 boxes and left with at least 3.) I finally gave them all to Goodwill.
  5. empea

    empea New commenter

    This is the best thing ever!!! I was once bought a loo donated in my name to somewhere in Africa, not by the kids though. I think a donation to a school is much better and doesnt come with the double meaning turmoil.
  6. One of my leaving A2 students presented me with a Bullet from Ann Summers...all I could do was smile [​IMG]
  7. WOW! They obviously think very highly of you!
  8. My best present this year?
    Headlice - the gift that keeps on giving ...
  9. I got a card in my first job, from a parent and it was from the heart and beautiful - I still have it 22 years later! One of the worst (different school) was a used china cat plant pot(?) which had the parents fag ash in the bottom... it was meant well!!! Another really good one was a basket with home made jam, flowers and strawberries in it. Yum!
  10. Oh and a priceless gift from my first class was they all came to our wedding and sat in the choir stalls and sang!!! They were a super class! They made me cry too when I left!
  11. I cannot believe how ungrateful you are!!! Parents have spent their hard earning money to get you a little token and these days in the economic state that is a gift in itself. As a parent and teacher i am appalled at your bad attitude!!!
  12. empea

    empea New commenter

    that post was meant to be quoting someone else... it clearly didnt work.
  13. My best present was literally crass. I found out a parent evening that I and the father of the most difficult boy in class shared a dubious past as punks. Come end of term he supplied me with a shedful of bootleg CDs. Stiff Little Fingers, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Nose Bleeds and of course ultimate anarchy band Crass. Sad or what?
  14. My colleague received a packet of Veet hair remover!!!
  15. I must admit I am obviously in a better school than lots of other people or not as cynical as others. This year I got £75 worth of sports vouchers. The kids knew I was in to this. I also got a signed photograph of Allan clarke picking up the FA Cup. Considering I am a Leeds fan and this happened over 35 yars ago this was really touching. Another child gave me a glass case engraved with a nice message. I also receieved numerous bottles of wine, chocolates and personal messages from parents - perhaps people should look at themselves and not parents if the gifts they received are not great. I even received gifts from children I don't directlly teach but take for football or cricket. Not all parents are the same and I think we need to remember this!!!!!
  16. I'm not a teacher but a teaching assistant and generally don't get many pressies at the end of term, but this year I got a really special one. I was in the recption class as all the parents were bringing in their children and all the lovely pressies for the teacher, and one parent said to me ' where are all your presents then?' I just said that because I work all over the school I don't really get them, but that's fine. I thought nothing more of it. Home time came around and the same parnet stopped me and handed me a little box with a beautiful necklace in. She wanted me to know that I was as appreciated as the class teacher. Nearly made me cry (which I DO NOT do!) especially because she is not a financially well off parent.
  17. Hey, I got one of those too! Must have some special meaning! I don't think her mum knew because the child in question has always been making homemade things for me all year, wrapped in my favourite coloured paper - lilac. Mind you, I did have from her parents, No 7 Spa bath, a bouquet of red, pink and white roses, a box of Thorntons, a bottle of red and a celebration cake with an edible photo of me and the little girl in question! Think this was one happy set of parents!!
  18. What I meant was, I got one of those empty Pepsi bottles too!
  19. This was my first year of working at the end of term so I was plesantly surprised that I got presents as I wasnt there all year.Im a TA rather than the teacher....I got chocolates...candle...lovely bath things and stationary so all useful and nothing which can be classed as 'worst present' and all greatfully received.
    Although it made me think that the things Ive treasured more are the cards/pictures from the kids...especially the handwritten from the kids variety.
  20. My strangest present was a jar of coffee- possibly due to the child noticing how much coffee I drunk. Obviously it would have been a bottle of wine if she had seen how much of that I drink! Outside school hours, of course!

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