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What were your best / worst end of term presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cakeshop, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    This year my best and worst gift is the same thing. It is a pottery bird whistle bought from the eisteddfod by one of my pupils when she visited there recently. One of the ones that you fill with water so that it warbles as well as whistles when you blow into it.
    It is my best present because my (Grandad) had one of these in his house when I was a little girl and I used to love being allowed to play with it and it makes me nostalgic. It is also something that didn't cost much and was picked out by the child herself.
    However it is also the worst because when I took it home, my 5 year old latched onto it and has been making a God-awful racket with it ever since (and annoying my OH in the process)...Ooops!
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Further proving the point that it's the words that mean most, undoubtedly my best gift this year was the box of chocolates accompanied by the card which includes the line
    "I've never bought a teacher a present before but you're the best because you let me be myself"
    Unbearably adorable.

    Incidentally, does anyone else find it worrying how many cards and labels they get with horrendous spelling mistakes and missing capital letters. Exasperating to say the least!
  3. Grandsire

    Grandsire Senior commenter

    I was completely overwhelmed this year. I've often thought that instead of lots of little presents, like chocolate and bath salts, what I'd really like is a certain large Lego set...
    Well, the parents had heard about this, and clubbed together and organised themselves to buy me EXACTLY what I wanted, without me knowing anything until they turned up in the room.... I still can't believe they mananged it - from organising the collection without a whisper reaching me, and then there's the fact it's no longer available in the shops, and had to be tracked down on Ebay. Bidding went right up to the night before we broke up, and, having bid successfully, one of the dads did a two-and-a-half-hour drive to go and collect it, while other members of staff were tracking the progress on Facebook.
    I'm as delighted with the gesture as I am with the gift. I can't believe they would go to such lengths to get me what I wanted. FANTASTIC!
  4. I had the best present of my (18 year) career so far this year. It was a little bag containing a selection of things with a note explaining each of them, eg a candle for when the kids are getting on your wick, an elastic band for when you're stretched to your limit, a battery to keep you going, some (fools) gold nuggets because you're worth your weight in it, a mint because to parents we're worth a mint, a crayon to colour my world, a pencil to "write their wrongs" and a chocolate just "because".
  5. My chiroprator's wife has just completed her first year along with another colleague they were both given presents, her colleague, a pregnant muslim woman was given a bottle of wine - by the school !!!!
  6. This was my first year teaching and I was only there for the year. The strangest gift I got was from a parent, I had to open it in front of her....it was a framed photo of her "darling" daughter....
  7. As a high school teacher, our pressies are decidely not as impressive as our primary colleagues :(

    I got two cards and a bottle of wine from one of my year 11s. I didn't ask any questions ;)
  8. Every year I dream about a Selfridges gift card, but alas I never get it, despite heavy hints from May onwards. The best "bad" present I got was a dog head mug with ceramic eyes which move about. Something that my boyfriend and I have in pride of place in the kitchen as a talking point on social occasions.

  9. One of the strangest presents I recieved was a Gold Fish with Hoilday Food from my year11 boys.
  10. I find Ebay is good for um... 'recycling' some presents.
    In my second year of teaching I got a really pretty necklace and earring set from one of the boys (actually, I'm pretty sure his mum had a lot to do with it). I love it so much, it was my something old when I got married 8 years later.
    My best present by far was from a little girl in the same class. She was a complete tomboy - not girlie in the slightest - and came from a very rough family. She'd agreed to be in a school production of Grease (cleaned up - it WAS a primary school), and was a cheerleader. I spend several nights making 20 cheerleader skirts, and had mentioned this to the class. She had been mortified at having to wear a skirt, and when she told her mum, her mum said that if it bothered her that much, maybe she shouldn't be in the play. The poor girl was apalled by this, and said 'But my teacher spent ages making the outfits!'
    Long story shortened, she wore it. And persuaded her dad to attend the show (mum and dad were separated). He couldn't believe his daughter was in a skirt, and her mum was overwhelmed that I had 'given her her little girl back'.
    Her mum was so lovely over it, and saw me in the supermarket over the summer. She made a point of telling me how her 'little girl' had asked to be taken shopping for a school skirt. She credited me with this. So much more special than any box of chocs.
  11. I am now worried.... as a HLTA took a full class photo (on staffs request) to give to a teacher just finishing her first year. Maybe the smile on recieving it wasn't genuine after all?
  12. My form clubbed together and sponsored a classroom in an African school. I was so chuffed - they are so lovely!
  13. Being a KS4/5 teacher, I don't think there is as much of a present culture however the most thoughtful gift I've ever received was from a group of year 11 students. They brought me two tickets to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe (I'm an English teacher!) Brought more than just the one tear to the eye...
  14. I think the worst present I had this year was a leaving card. Closely followed by the opportunity to come back and work for half the money...
  15. I got a beer stein that played roll out the barrel when picked up. Unfortunately it met with a tragic accident on the stairs.
  16. The worst was wine as a leaving present from colleagues. As a teetotaller it is most unwelcome, particularly as everyone knows I hate wine, especially plonk. It just goes to show teachers do not listen either. How thick can you get!
    On the other hand the best gift I ever got was a large bar of Galaxy chocolate. I wish I got that every time as it does not require much thinking, is cheap but so gorgeous and always gratefully received.
  17. YT2


    Not this year but over a very long teaching career:
    The best present: a boy who thanked me for teaching him over seven years who was leaving to go to university - he had been recommended for a residential "special" school for children with global delay at age 11 as he was "autistic" - he did have severe difficulties but he actually made the effort to see me at the very end and just say the one word "thanks". It was not an easy seven years (I work mainstream)....
    The worst: when I was a young teacher living in a first floor, shared flat with no garden a parent decided (even knowing this fact) a German Shepherd puppy would be a good gift.... He was most affronted when I would not accept it...
  18. I once tried to hint for ages that I really wanted a camel from Oxfam from my Year 6 class. It would have been miles better than some of the stuff I did get. I thought I'd convinced them, but I guess the parents weren't so sure about it.
    My most memorable present ever was a set of McDonalds Happy Meal toys - Winnie The Pooh and pals! Even better - they stank of smoke! I have to say that it was actually quite thoughtful as the boy had a tough home life and we'd had to lock all the doors to stop his drunken dad getting in to school on one occassion that year! They didn't make it home though!
    A thought - Do they only make seashell shaped chocolates so they can be gifts for teachers???
    This year I had the daughter of one of the ladies who works in the office in my class - so I got a £50 voucher! :) Perfect! I also got a set of cakes with my name iced on them, one letter on each cake - 13 in total! One of the girl also gave me a card for my birthday which is in a couple of weeks! :)
    One of the cards I got had a poem inside it:
    "If everything stayed the same, I would be quite glad.
    So I can see you all the time, it would make me happily mad.
    But it's all moving on, and instead I'll give you a big HUG!"

  19. The best was a balloon with half price sale written on it. The child came from a family with little money and a family who were very difficult with me all year. At the end of the year I got a letter from the mum (sent to the head first) thanking me for all I had done and on the last day the little boy stole a balloon off a sign on his way to school because he wanted to give me a present!

    I also love chocolates, flowers and cards with personal messages.

    The strangest has to be a ladyshave! I tried not to take it personally!
  20. I teach FE Skills for Life L1/L2 Numeracy and the sweetest thing I heard today was when I phoned one of my learners with her results, she was very emotional that she had just past her level 2. Wow! I almost cried for her!

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