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What were your best / worst end of term presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cakeshop, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. I got home made meringue with a pots of cream and strawberries to make into a pavlova - also wine to drink with it - very nice present to enjoy on the last day. I also love bunches of flowers from gardens. Not too many chocolates this year which is good and mostly home made cards with lovely messages.
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

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  3. Hope nick909 won't mind if I sneak this in......two Christmases ago I got one of those plastic Christmas tree baubles, which contained a photo of an incredibly smug, indulged year 5 child in my class, wearing a Father Christmas costume, grinning his incredibly smug grin. Thanks for thinking about me, but did his mum really think that my own kids at home would relish gazing up at that ball on their tree? Knowing her as I do, the answer is yes, that's exactly what she'd think!! .
    Best gift was a lovely card that my own class made yesterday when I was on PPA-they got into bother for passing a 'note' round the room, but still didn't tell anyone.
  4. Best was yesterday when I was given a handmade cushion that had a panel embroidered in cross stich with my name.The material chosen was lovely and the mum had trimmed it in ribbon in my fav colours..... It must have taken ages. I'm a bit of a hard nut but this actually brought tears to my eyes!!
    Oddest was a bag of potatoes! They were obviously straight from the allotment as the mud was still on them! To this day I don't know which child they were from!!!
  5. This year I got a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a couple of pens and a key ring. They were all lovely but I still wish they hadn't bothered because they are really poor round here! I got some nice cards too. :)
  6. By far the most original and funniest end of year present I have ever had was the one today.
    I had a handmade pair of earrings made from...
    wait for it...
    a pair of goat's testicles.( I kid you not lol)
    I had a very nice handmade bracelet too which was the real present. It certainly made the last day go with a laugh :O))
    Had lots of lovely handmade cards from the children and those are the things which mean the most.
    Happy hols everyone :O)
  7. My best this year.....13 of my class got together and bought me £45 of gift vouchers!!!! [​IMG]
    I have taught them for 2 years so i think some parents wanted to say a bigger thank you this year :)
    My worst....i didnt have anything bad! Flowers...chocs...and a fossil! (bit random but very cute...in a little hand made pot, he found the fossil on the beach and wanted to give it to me!)
  8. My best is a collection organised by a mum this year ... £80.00 of Next vouchers. The worst was in 2004 when I recieved a plastic shaped (with the eyes, nose, buttons etc) shallow bowl/tray/serving dish thingy from Betterware. It wasn't even wrapped ~ it was given to me in the packaging from Betterware!
  9. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    My best present today didnt cost anything. It was the parent of a very strange hard to reach child, who stopped by especially to tell me at length, how "wonderful" I had been and how grateful she was for everything I had done. I get quite embarrassed by praise. Teachers very rarely get it said to their face other than a quick thank you. It was more the manner, length of time and way she said it that I found so touching, especially as she is such a shy person herself.
  10. I must be in the minority, I actually like the best teacher stuff. I work in a relatively deprived area and it's clear the kids have bought the gifts themselves.

    I got lots of really nice stuff this year. I got a really nice tie, hanky and cufflink set off one boy, a really nice "urban" t shirt off another. Lots of choccy's/biscuits and wine even got a bottle of snirnoff. My favorite gift though was a pair of shoe laces. The kids know I love trainers and one particularly challenging boy explained that he didn't have enough money to buy me trainers but he thought these laces would go well with the trainers I wore on a non uniform day!
  11. A £90 bracelet! It's beautiful. however, as there was no card and the gift tag was written by the child (9) and the parents didn't speak to me, I'm not sure they know about this! It was labelled and boxed. Hmmm it's very pretty......(I will return it though). Sigh
  12. I got given a ship in a bottle (plastic) which lights up in several different colours on rotation. It is truly the most tacky thing in the world. I proudly displayed it on a shelf in my lounge for several years but it has recently mysteriously disappeared!!!
  13. I was also given a cushion which is also a clock. It had actual clock hands on the front of it. Hideous.
  14. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I can usually stomach the "best teacher" mug/coaster/statuette/photo frame each year, but this year's was a flashing badge. Yes, flashing.
    When on Earth do they imagine I would wear that?!
  15. Up until 2 years ago I have always taught in middle class leafy suburbs, middle class + pretty loaded professional type parents. The end of year gifts have been astounding at times: bamboo trees, engraved gold pens, posh jewellery, leather handbags, huge bouquets, expensive chocs, etc, etc, you get the idea. I am now in the highest deprived area of the county + in highest depravity percentile for UK. The end of year bought just 2 gifts from 1 parent. So different but the experience of teaching these children is far far more rewarding than any of my posh past pressies! The parent(s) have little or no money + what they do have goes on cigs, booze + drugs sadly. They don't feed or clothe their own huge array of kids. They're not perusing john lewis deciding on gifts for me!!! Hey ho!
  16. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I had a bad year for prezzies this year - no flowers! [​IMG]
    'Best teacher' bits: 2 teddy bears, a pen, a small picture frame, 2 'memo clips'.
    Other stuff: homemade chocolate cup cakes (sweet! what a lovely thought), a bag of maltersers, a writing set and a bottle of wine.
    I'm afraid I'm in the 'can't stand tat' camp and have built up a collection of 'best teacher' stuff which I don't quite know what to do with. Trouble is, I wouldn't even send them in for my own children as I know what it's like to be on the receiving end. I really wish they'd not bothered at all and I wish the companies wouldn't make these; I second the idea of the 'best teacher champagne' etc.! [​IMG]
  17. <u>Best</u> - really lucky - lots of flowers, chocolates, wine and vouchers( Next, M&S, pampering etc..).
    <u>Worst</u> - There are 2;
    Inflatable duck shaped soap dish with matching floating duck plug and duck shaped nail brush.Why?
    Battery operated soft dog that sings 'Are you lonesome tonight?' What can I say?!!
  18. I'm a TA, and work all over the school, so don't expect much at all. But I had one present, the best, it was off a Y3 child (choccys) who has been a VERY challanging pupil, I thought he hated me..aw, how sweet.
  19. 2 houseplants, 1 bunch of flowers, a small box of chocs....
    A mug & coaster, and a notebook and diary - I don't know why anyone else say's they're the best teacher - I've got a mug AND coaster and diary AND notebook to prove it! Can't wait to get that book out on a course in the Autumn!!!
    Best present was the flowers - the girl that gave them thinks I hate her and has never really liked me much, but she hand made a little card to go with them with a sweet message inside.
  20. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    I'm leaving my current job this summer and received a lovely card from a parent, thanking me for all my hard work, not just with her child in my class this year, but with the previous two I had also taught. She was sad that I would not be teaching her youngest next year and wished me success in my new post. It was finished with a message hoping that my new school appreciated what they were getting. It was lovely and made my day.

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