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What were your best / worst end of term presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cakeshop, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    My best pressie this year was a necklace with a little silver initial on it, very sweet and very me. I also got a gorgeous bunch of long-stemmed sunflowers - totally amazing plants!
    Worst present was a set of three small, identical hand soaps that looked as though they'd been taken from a hotel!
  2. ok ......so what would you guys like to receive?!
  3. AlongForTheRide

    AlongForTheRide New commenter

    I always think it's nice that they thought to get me something, even before I have opened the present to be delighted - or just to feign it.
    Best presents ever have been:-
    A bottle of pimms
    A lovely A5 notebook and and pen which had been decorated with butterflies, etc by the child I I used it as my 'to do' book)
    £20 of marks and spencers vouchers from one parent
    £85 debenhams gift voucher from a group of parents
    Pictures, messages and handmade cards that were obviously done by the child.

    Worst presents:-
    Not too many of these really.
    A plastic flower in a gel filled glass tube
    A snot coloured candle
    A pair of 'pressure point' socks ( I cannot stand my feet being touched by anyone)

    But it's the thought that counts :eek:)
  4. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    My list in order preference:
    <ol>[*]Anything in a bottle (although after dropping this hint I have ended up with shampoo. Wouldn't be funny if I wasn't bald!)[*]Something for the garden.[*]Handmade cards.[*]Edibles.</ol>Today I was given a load of that best teacher rubbish. I'm going to write to the company and request that they make the following things for next year:
    • Best Teacher Champagne
    • Best Teacher Merlot
    • Best Teacher Beer
    • Best Teacher Pot Plants
    • Best Teacher John Lewis Vouchers
    I'm grateful that I'm thought of, even if it is 'Best Teacher' rubbish.
  5. This year, my best present so far has been a gift set of designer perfume that my year 11s clubbed together to buy me and gift vouchers that another set of year 11 clubbed together for but the thing I love the most are their heartfelt messages. Bless them. I'll miss them so much.
  6. I know nobody will believe me but I don't really like getting presents from pupils/parents. I'll put on a big show and thank them profusely, but secretly I wish they hadn't. I feel awkward and also feel bad for those who didn't get anything (but might have wanted to).
  7. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    My most touching present was from a mum and child who was in a domestic violence situation with a horrible controlling man who rarely gave her money and accounted for everything she did spend. She managed, god knows how, to buy me a packet of 4 "luxary" chocs for about 50p from the local newsagents. She got the child to make a card. I feared for her safety for ages after and really wished she hadnt put herself at risk. But is a present I will never forget.
  8. Last year I got a Radley shoulder bag with built in laptop case which a number of parents had clubbed together to buy me!
    The year before that I got a &pound;25 voucher off one child!!
    I have been very lucky upto now!
  9. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Over the years I've had lots of 'best teacher' things (and impressively last year a "favourite teaching assistant" card which was... intriguing!).
    But still, the things that most warm ones cockles are the cards with a meaningful word. Best of all, are the cards with a meaningful word from a child, accompanied by an appreciative comment from a parent. Some of those have been known to bring me to tears on the final day.
  10. Despite having received 3 bottles of wine, 4 boxes of chocolates, three mugs and two teddies together with 3 bunches of flowers, my "best present" was a card from one of my pupils which ( whilst explaining why I was the best teacher in the whole world[​IMG]) also apologised for his poor handwriting ( something I have been moaning on about all year!) but written in the most exquisite handwriting possible! He had obviously taken SO much care over it, I cried!
  11. 1. Alcohol - but sadly I often get red wine when I only drink white. I've found it impossible to drop this hint into conversation within the classroom.
    2. Plants for the garden
    3. Anything useful e.g. notebook, pen, photo frame, book mark, key ring etc - as long as it's tasteful.
    4. Jewellery, as long as it's the sort that I'm likely to wear
    4. I love the cards and messages, and agree that a line or 2 from the parent(s) as well as the child is always very much appreciated.
    What do I not want?
    1. Chocolates (I'm always on a diet)
    2. Toiletries (Can't use them, especially not those fizzy bath bomb things, for personal reasons!)
    3. Ornaments (my house is very minimalist and I don't let ornaments within a mile)

  12. Pink n Fluffy

    Pink n Fluffy New commenter

    Well last day today and I got some lovely gifts. The most memorable one was from a little boy who doesn't have much money who very proudly presented me with a bottle shaped gift that he had carefully wrapped. When I got around to opening my presents inside the carefully wrapped gift was an empty, used bottle of pepsi!!!!!!! Really made me smile, and I'll def remember his present for a long time to come :)
  13. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I binned another bag of **** on the way out tonight. Wish the parents would donate to charity.
  14. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I had an open invite for me and my wife to visit them all for a free holiday in Sweden, when the family move out there this summer. A nice family, one you'd imagine would be okay to socialise with, once you'd stopped teaching their kids. Now if they'd only included a pair of airline tickets as well...
  15. mantilla

    mantilla New commenter

    My baby is due in 2 weeks and my class (Y6) had planned me a baby shower complete with fairy cakes and lemonade and a present that they had all brought in money for - I just about kept myself from crying!
    Baby has done very well and also received a Harrods teddy bear!!
  16. What a lovely thought of that little boy. I didn't get a lot, never do. It is a very poor area and I always feel embrassed when I do get something. I go home to a nice estate, warm home, comfy bed and a freezer full of food. Some my of little ones, it's a quid for the chippy and Mum etc downstairs have a drink with mates.
    I wish would be official. We can't accept gifts. End of.
  17. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    Every year I am always overwhelmed with the generosity of the parents!
    Best present was from a boy in my class, who has been a pain in the bum all year, who gave me a copy of a book I had said I like with a message inside that said:
    'Presented to Miss X, for being the best'
    It brought tears to my eyes.
  18. johndeere

    johndeere New commenter

    Homemade jam.....delicious!
  19. £70 Ticket Master gift card from a parent whip-round.
  20. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    I'm very lucky, I've received some marvellous things - really close to the cohort and their parents this year and they all gave me things for my house I've just bought; a big gift voucher and gorgeous little things like vases and a wooden shabby-chic house. A really special one was a piece of wood the boy had jigsawed out himself and painted my name on it; I cried when I opened it. Also had a chocolate cake made with a message iced on it - looks yummy! Have been very spoilt this year.
    The weirdest thing I have ever received was in my first year as a teacher. I got given a matchbox - opened it to see a seriously pi**ed off spider scrunched up inside.


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