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what we already knew....or suspected..

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by fisiksteecher, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. what we already knew but it wasnt nice seeing it in print..found on a job site today
    We are currently looking to recruit for Cover Supervisors, both English and Welsh Medium in the Cardiff and South Wales
    area. <u>You will effectively teach 11-16 yr olds</u> through implementing pre-set lesson plans within a number of Secondary
    schools on an ongoing supply basis.
    The ideal candidate will have experience as a Cover Supervisor and will have the ability to confidently manage a
    classroom of students.

    The post is suitable for unqualified teachers with relevant experience all applicants must be qualified up to degree
    level or equivalent and have proof of right to work in the UK. Before sending your CV to apply for the role please
  2. Will the schools be honest enough to classify candidates as unqualified teachers - I doubt it. If they do classify them as unqualified teachers then they should be legally registered with the GTC.
    Has anyone else noticed that qualified teachers must be registered with the GTC not to just teach but to "carry out specified work". Just another example of the discrimination against supply teachers who cannot get work yet support staff who carry out specified work are allowed to teach without being registered.
  3. Double talk and total hypocrisy from the coalition government. And as for the HTs ie Heads of Treason waht can you say? This Government must grapple with the issue of schools' employment of unqualified staff as cover "teachers".
    F**** new Labour or whoever started this inequity and total unfairness! The present Government must get a grip.

  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    So let me get this right, if you have QTS you cannot be considered for the post, instead they want people who have not done any teacher training. This sums up the state of education in this nation. What next, lets employ some local wino, after all he knows the kids.
    What is more worrying, is the government as a consultation paper out at the moment and are talking about extending the European teachers to teach in the UK without having to do an induction and with QTS to Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans, because and please don't laugh, because of teacher shortages.
    I do blame Gove because of his move in creating Free schools and academies is designed to undermine the teaching profession, because when every school in England is indepedent from LA control, as indepedent schools they can recruit anyone to teach, with or without any teaching qualifcations. If Gove was serious about his claims at the Tory party conference that they were the party of the teacher, then he would address this issue. However to be fair, he is not only person responsible,
    Ed Balls did nothing and ignored the problem, and in fact the number of support staff recruited by schools increased significantly and the recruitment of teachers stagnated and slowly fell. Mr Johnson did nothing either and was it him, that introduced the WFA, which most unions like Unison, ATL and the NASUWT supported and signed it (what have the got in common? large membership of support staff, who have benefited from the agreement). Yet the politicians ignored the the fact that the NUT, who represents most teachers did not sign it, because they could see the threat to the professional status of teachers, not that the NUT have done anyhting about it. So all politicians are as guilty as each other.
    But the adverts you see and the attitude of Cs and other support staff who think because they are used illegally as teachers, they are qualified teachers and better then any person who actually trained to teach.
    Sory for the rant, I am skint, with no work and depressed by the situation.
  5. It is illegal to use some groups of unqualified teachers when there are qualified teachers available. But the government ignores this and still allows schools to use such staff for teaching purposes even though the DfE has been informed about unqualified teachers and support staff teaching on numerous occasions.
    But what can we do when politicians, including ministers, are ignorant of the facts. I have a letter in my possession from Nick Gibb in which he says that I have been raising the issues of support staff providing cover during teacher absence. The issue that I have raised with him was about unqualified teachers and support staff being used to teach during PPA time which is not cover and is not teacher absence. That is one of the reasons why tens of thousands of teachers are unemployed/underemployed/misemployed.
    Nick Gibb also said that HTs should take account of all regulations and guidance notes. But I think we all know that these are being ignored by schools throughout the country who continue to use support staff for teaching purposes even though the DfE has said on numerous occasions that support staff and teachers are not inter-changeable or that support staff should not replace teachers.
    The final sentence from Nick Gibb is a classic - "That is the end of the matter" So much for consultation with interested parties prior to the signing of the Education Bill.


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