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What way to plan "Ourselves" cross curricular topic? Help please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Poppychick, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. jomu

    jomu New commenter

  2. Hi everyone, I?m an NQT going into my first teaching post in September, teaching Y1 ...my first topic is 'Ourselves' and was wondering if anyone has any ideas, etc to give me?? I do have lots myself, but don?t fully know where to start, etc. So I was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to email a copy of the topic web or medium term plan along with weekly plans taken from it?? This would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!
  3. If I could get a copy from someone I'd be really grateful.
    Thanks very much!!


  4. Sam07

    Sam07 New commenter

    Hi !
    would be really grateful for a copy of 'ourselves' topic approach.


    I am also doing a topic on 'nursery rhymes' and would apreciate any ideas that you may have.

  5. Hi I am teaching this topic to mixed Year 1/2 class this September. Would be very grateful if anyone has any medium and short term planning to share!
    Many thanks my email is:

    Thanks Jane
  6. Sorry to be a pain but would I be able to get a copy too? I start my first post in Rec and I'd be more than grateful, thanks xx
  7. Samantha705

    Samantha705 New commenter

  8. I would love a copy please if its not too much trouble or would anyone be able to put it up on the resources section please? Thanks loobylu18_29@hotmail.com
  9. ooo your gonna hate me....can i please have a peek too? im trying to get ideas for nursery ourselves topic off the net and friends but getting really stumped. hope thats ok, thanks in advance xx
  10. Hi,

    Any chance I could have a copy as well please first time in Year 1 and we've got OFSTED.


    Much appreciated x x x
  11. Could I get a copy too please!

    thanks - hfwestlake@hotmail.com
  12. hey!
    would it be possible to send me a copy also?!
    I am starting as an NQT in September with a mixed reception and year 1 class and am going to be doing the same topic!
    My email is emmaboak@yahoo.co.uk
    Many thanks
  13. hi
    sorry to jump on the bandwagon but would i be able to get a copy aswell please?
    i'm new to reception in september and this would really help!
    many thanks

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