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What way to plan "Ourselves" cross curricular topic? Help please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Poppychick, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. hiya pinklaydee,
    I too am in reception and am beginning to plan for 'All about me.'
    i feel really guilty asking as you must be really busy now we are back in school but I to would be extremely grateful if you could e-mail me a copy at Jennierat@hotmail.com
    Many thanks
  2. hello pinklaydee guess what???!!!!???
    please could you send me a copy aswell. thanks lizzebof@hotmail.com
  3. I think I managed to email everyone! I am soooo busy but I hope as I have spared my time to help one day I can cash in the favour!!!!!
    Hope it helps you guys x
  4. That is exactly what I am doing at the moment. Any chance I could have a copy too? Sorry! Know you are really busy. Hope to repay the favour soon.
  5. Am sorry I am adding to your work load. Could you send me a copy?

    Thank you in advance


  6. Hi

    I am currently teaching in a nursery and reception unit. please could someone email me the planning please. Thank you

  7. There you go you lot x
  8. Hi there

    Realise you have heard this quite a bit by now but would be really grateful if i could have a copy of your plans.


  9. Sorry to jump on the band wagon too but if you are still sending them out please could you email them over to me too?


    PP x

  10. Would it be possible to have a copy of the plans for your 'Ourselves' topic that I am hoping to start after half term. Thanks ever so,
  11. Hi
    if its not too late to be cheeky, can I be the millionth person to ask to see your planning for Ourselves please? We are changing all our planning and it would be useful to see different plans to help us revise ours.

    Many thanks for your help.

  12. i know this is an old thread but could anyine kindly forward the plans for the ourselves topic onto me many thanks lou
    my email is ingathewinga14@hotmail.com
  13. Hiya,
    Would i be able to have a copy as well please? It is all new and i'm trying to gather as many ideas as i can.
    Many thanks in advance xx

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