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What was the worst school you ever worked in?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by The Red Heron, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    I reflect on this most days and thank my lucky stars I got out. I smile everyday when I think about my workload I have now for the same money as my previous school (a large primary nr Basingstoke) which was pure hell.
    Mine was a very good example about not doing your homework before you apply for a school. They were in the process of sacking 9 teachers, I was naive didnt really think why, but I wanted the promotion to KS Leader. Worst mistake of my life.
    Ran by a couple of despotic workaholics (first thing they said was I would stay til 8pm as 'I was in the leadership team now' )who treated the children like numbers on a spreadsheets and their staff the same. Staff were conditioned to work 12 hr days, get in at half 7 leave at 7, fill in endless spreadsheet after spreadsheet. The two workaholics went round your books and classroom at night ready to catch you out the following day, performance management was like an MI6 interregation, well over an hour, it was generally the way the school was run, in a very corporate and formal way and I hated it. Quit at xmas two year ago and found a lovely little village school where staff leave at 4 and you laugh a lot
    I still go on the website and see some staff are still there, more fool them, there is a way out and I took it..and I will be eternally glad I did
  2. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    Interesting that you should describe your "worst" school purely in tems of conditions for staff. While this is of course very important, surely the most vital thing when judging a school is the experience for the children, and in particular whether they do well with their studies.
  3. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    I don't care how good a school supposedly is, if you treat your staff like robots and grind them to the ground you become what id consider (in the context of the op) a 'bad' school.
  4. Red Heron didn't describe in purely in terms of conditions for staff. He/she said the children were treated like numbers on a spreadsheet. Sounds a dreadful place to me!
  5. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    I have to think as well that if I was being treated like that the children wouldn't be getting the best out of me, so it in turn would make it a 'bad school' for them. I'm lucky to have had not much experience, all of which has been pretty positive and am currently in a school which could not encourage a decent work-life balance more!
  6. unfortunately - the school you described is fast becoming the "norm" is some local authorities.
    Academy status will strip techers of their rights and professional links to unions.
    ho hum
  7. Went to a school as an NQT - didnt know any better. HT had been at the school since she was an NQT (rather strange) had a puppet for deputy. Other staff were great as were the kids but management were AWFUL. Seemed to have a kind of revolving door for NQTs, they either resigned or were forced out. One before my time was told to resign otherwise they would fail her on her NQT year. 95% of staff who were there when I was (2006) have left/ been forced out. Schools like this really should be noticed by the LA and somebody should look into why there is such a high turnover of staff.
    I was told I was replacing a member of staff from Australia who had to return home for "family reasons" I found out later when I actually met this person that she had left because she was forced out by management and had returned "down under" for a couple of months to ensure she didnt have a breakdown. when I see jobs advertised at this school I feel sorry for unsuspecting candidates.
    HT supported disruptive children over staff and actually undermmined me in front of children. Number of other incidents which I wont post about because people would find it hard to believe that HT could get away with these things.
    Be careful if you are applying for jobs in Grantham!!!!
  8. I too should have known better! I am still at my 'worst' school! [​IMG] I absolutely love the teaching team, in fact have made some great friends... the management team however leave much to be desired! I completed my nqt yr last yr and had my final placement at the same school. I should of realised then when I took over a class without a teacher in my final placement that this school was not professionally run, at the time I enjoyed the responsibility and freedom! Within my NQT year I had an extrememly disruptive pupil, attacking staff and chn regularly, leaving schl grounds on a daily basis, often having to relocate my whole class to the dining room while my classroom was trashed yet again and throughout this I did not have an nqt mentor! Technically I did...a newly appointed dep HT...but they were suffereing from stress due to the HT and was finding it difficult to fulfill their new position! In my entire yr I had 2 nqt meetings! Somehow I was managing to get through my NQT year being graded good to outstanding by OFSTED, I kinda just rolled with it...my mistake. I wish I had demanded the support I deserved and needed!
    Eventually the dep HT was forced out, being openly undermined by the HT infront of teaching staff which left me in no uncertain terms without a mentor. My HT took over the role, however meetings were none existant! The only time NQT time was given, was after an obligatory observation, which then was the case of ticking a box and making me write the feedback to be emailed! I have stayed at the school as I thought that leaving after one year at one school would look unfavourable on my CV, however the HT has only got worse. She undermines, and eats away at your confidence...and I consider myself a pretty strong person! In my 2yrs at the school 3 members of staff have left as a result of the HT its such an open joke that bets were made on how long the new dep head would last?!
    In a nutshell the HT is an inexperienced (only 4 yrs teaching experience) this is their first HT role, and is a very un-inspiring, negative leader!! Needless to say this year I've learnt my lesson!

  9. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    The head has only been teaching for 4 years?
  10. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    The HT and DHT were mentally insane I would say and were workaholics to the detriment of everyrthing else. The HT would justify staff working 60 hours a week filling in her spreadsheets by saying people in retail, business, commerce did it and we should be no different. 'I work 60 hours a week term time, 30 hours a week in my 6 weeks holiday'..ok, then youre a complete **** then
    She didnt believe in work life balance at all, saying we were setting ourselves upto fail' whatever that cr.ap meant
    It was a truly awful place to be, corporate, formal ran like a bank with truly miserable staff who spent their lives having to live up to this standard they dreamed of. Wont even drive through the village now
  11. All I have to say about my experience is:
    If it ain't broke from the 1980's, don't fix it!
    So so excited to be outta there! Just do it!
  12. Collectively she has had 5-6 (max) teaching experience one of those yrs as a dep head.

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