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What was the best/most useful pressi you recieved?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by seriouslikecrazy, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hello
    Hope you don't mind me posting on here. My best friend of 21 years (OMG I feel old) is having her first baby). I want to get her something useful and nice as a gift. I figure you ladies will be the best to know what to buy.
    When my niece and other friend had a baby I made them a Nappy cake with babysitting vouchers, offer to cook dinner etc and it was very personal. Unfortunatly I don't live anywhere near my friend now so it will have to be something I can post. I have a few daft bits I will make her but I want a main gift.
    Can you suggest something that would be really useful for either mummy or that baby :) Probaby about £20-30 to spend as I have just bought her an expensiveish B'day papmering gift.

    Many thanks. SLC
  2. That should be <u>the</u> baby (that just sounds a bit rude lol)
  3. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    My best present was from my mum, she cooked me loads of healthy meals from scratch and brought them to my house frozen ready to reheat :) she also came 3 times in the first few weeks with a bag of ingredients and cooked for us, cleaned the whole house and cleared everything away, so we were fed and could focs on the baby ratehr than cleaning. As you're far away this time how about M&S vouchers, so they can buy some nice ready meals in? Easy to post too. Or my friend gave us leisure vouchers which can be used for a meal out when we're ready to leave LO with a babysitter. Actually any kinds of vouchers are good eg Boots, Tesco, Mothercare as there are always extra bits you relaise you need, or they can be used for nappies etc. Packs of nice sleepsuits and vests are always useful too and would make a good parcel. Outfits are nice but they don't get worn that much before they're outgrown and can be a faff to get on and off in tiny baby and newborn sizes... LO is now 8 weeks and I'm only starting to put her in outfits now as sleepsuits and vests were sooo much easier in the early weeks. For the mum some comfy pyjamas or yoga pants would be a nice present for her recovery.
    You sound like a lovely considerate friend for wanting to get your friend something useful!
  4. Hi seriouslkecrazy,
    My baby is now 8 months. Here are my ideas for you:
    <u>For baby:</u>
    • Bouncer seat (used until about 5 months) you need somewhere to put baby! The ones with little hanging toys for babt to grab and 'bat' with hand are great! My LO used to love the vibrate and lullaby option - induced sleep quickly! Ones with lie back option also good.
    • The activity chamber things where they lie on their backs and little soft toys hang over their heads (good until about 4 months)
    • Blow up rubber ring activity nest - the blossom farm one was great as it had a head rest which stopped her throwing herself out of it. We used from about 4-5 months.
    • Seat for bath (used from 6 months) has been a godsend.
    <u>For Mum:</u>
    • Perfume (I was very grateful for)
    • Some nice new clothes that don't need ironing, are easy to wear (loose fitted) and have easy BF access! If you can find anything like that let me know as I don't think it exists LOL!!,
    • I used tea tree oil in the bath to heal small tear, worked a treat. Other bath stuff would be nice after a month or so when she will hopefully be all healed (unless has a C-Section)
    Hope this helps!
  5. For baby... sheepskin for her to sleep on! It was so warm and snuggly it was the only thing we could put her down on for ages. It also helped when we moved her from crib to big cot as it felt and smelt familiar.
    For me... someone sent us a huge tin of cupcakes and muffins. Brilliant for the first week as we could nibble and not have to make meals etc when we felt peckish
  6. That sheepskin sounds lovely! Someone knitted us a lovely soft blanket that I absolutely loved, and I had another really useful double sided blanket that I used for months, in the pram, on the floor as a rug whereever we were etc. The other thing we still use 18 months later is a lovely thick baby-sized towel - a Chrissies one, I think. It has washed beautifully.
  7. You are a very thoughtful friend and there have been excellent suggestions!

    This was something loaned to me but has been brilliant. it's just a support for the bath for baby to lie on when it's wee and you can be all fingers and thumbs trying to bath them!

    mothercare also have them.
    you could couple it with one of these -
    i don't have one but think it could be handy - you put the apron on anbd then when you lift baby out you just wrap them up in it. at the minute i'm lifting baby onto a towel on the bathroom floor then lkifting hium up - not great on the back!

    its a very practical present, but you could stick some lovely hand cream in for mum (my hands would be raw without it!)

  8. A few more suggestions:
    a baby playmat/ gym
    a baby sleeping bag
    a snowsuit or coat for baby
    a baby swimsuit and swimming nappies
    a nice photoframe

  9. Vouchers for a photo book so that once they have some photos they can they create a lovely book of the baby's first few months. Or, a regular photo album. And an 'IOU' a night off for when you visit - even if your friend doesn't want to go out; offer to have the babe for a couple of hours so she can have a bath/sleep/me time! I am pg and am hoping some of my friends read this (LOL). x
  10. We love our bouncer and lots of people bought 3-6 month outfits which was better than buying 0-3.
  11. Hi Thanks for all the suggestions
    I am trying to be thoughtful as I think a useful pressie is better than one stuck in a cupboard.
    As I say If I was at home I would make her a nappy cake and cook some meals for her. I thought about the M&S voucher so she could buy one of their 2 dine for &pound;10. I'll look at pj's and some nice smellies. Is there anything I should look at if she is breast feeding?
    I know she has a bouncer and lots of sleeping bags all hanging in her wardrobe. I've never heard of the sheepskin for babies so I'll have alook. I don't know about the bath seat but it looks more useful than a baby bath, I'll have a little dig and see if she has one. I like the towel too so will see.
    I always buy 3-6 outfits too, last a bit longer esp if you have a big baby.
    Maybe one day someone can be this thoughtful to me :) Thanks for your help.
  12. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    I got some lovely and useful presents from 'the flower stalk'. They are beautifully presented and so different. http://www.theflowerstork.com/?gclid=CKyXjdz39aYCFUYifAodtHjnEw
    I'd also say sleepsuits and a set of plain white long sleeve vests size 3/6 have been handy to get the most use out of outfits bought.
  13. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    I've also read and referred to the gina ford book - contented baby and mirriam stoppard - both good for handy hints and medical info and stages of development.
  14. wow.. just checked out the flower stalk link, love their gifts! Bit much to order them internationally butI am organising a baby party for my friend and may try and make the cupcakes!

  15. I bought the flower stork 'buds' when I was getting married and put them at the place settings of the pregnant ladies. Felt kinda sorry for them having to put up with tiddly husbands and beign the deisgnated driver for the world and his wife!
  16. Oh! Talking of books- the Baby Whisperer is a bible many of my friends and I have used!
  17. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Www.babyblooms.co.uk. I loved these and have bought them for every member if staff who's had a baby since. Much better than ordinary flowers.
  18. The best present I got was some 60 second drying nail polish...just because you dont have much time but it is good to treat yourself and not "be mum" all the time. I used every last drop of it!WHat about some other quick but nice things like facial wipes or yummy shower gels?
  19. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    http://www.sophielagirafe.co.uk/ This sophie giraffe has been one of the best baby toys nand kept LO amused for ages it's fab. Watch the video attached about toy benefits.
  20. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    Thanks everyone.
    I have been busy looking. The sheepskin is lovely but for a decent one you are looking at about &pound;60 I think and that is a bit too much.
    What I have come up with so far is: http://www.lifememoriesbox.co.uk/personalised-childrens-keepsake-box-28-p.asp . I thought this would be fab to keep the first shoes, teeth, baby grow, pictures from school. I have a wedding one and it is super quality and I forgot they did baby ones.
    I have also bought some Kath Kidston baby toiletries.
    I want to get mum something so either the M and S Voucher or some toiletries for her. I like the 60 second nail varnish idea. I have bought mum some tea tree oil so she can pop it in the bath and help heal herself. I will make her a baby sitting voucher to for when I next visit.
    As a bit of fun I thought I would make her a new mum survival kit with things like marbles in for when she looses hers, rubber to erase mistakes. Just silly things to make her smile but something I can post.
    I was going to make my own baby sock cupcakes but I can't find white baby socks in multi packs. The websites you all suggest have some nice things but some things are pricey and I know I could make my own for much less.
    Opinions would be appreciated and thank you so much for your wonderful ideas.


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