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What type of data task are done at hod interviews?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by haninmids, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. haninmids

    haninmids New commenter

    Hi, what kind of data tasks are carried out in HOD interviews?
    Other than interview, lesson an data task what other tasks could be thrown into a HOD interview?
  2. LoopyLew

    LoopyLew New commenter

    Off the top of my head.... I've been given a few pages out of the old Panda (now raise online/fft - I'm out it it now) and told to come up with three priorities for the coming year... I chose HA (not performing well, SEN, look at how to allocate LSA and others, and PP, suggested marking them on seating plans simply to make them "visible".
    I have also been given a database of blind pupil data (Just my subject AND their performances in other subjects) and asked to pick out intervention groups, AND give a report on how the year group were doing.... I began to hope half way through it wasn't CURRENT year 11 - it wasn't great!
    Other tasks I've had is to respond to a "written parental complaint" by writing what I would send in an Email. (Parent implying poor teacher/kid losing motivation.
    I've also been asked to allocate a year group into sets, choose teachers (little background given) and decide to put the LSAs in which groups. That looked at if I knew the target was 60 percent grade B -- I had to make sure ALL of the relevant kids were in the higher tier etc... Interestingly I put a class of 24 in top set as the A*A target was 25 percent... so I reduced that to focus and did other little things I'd hoped they liked!
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  3. install

    install Star commenter

    To name a few:

    Progress 8 Score - what does it tell you?.
    Attainment 8 Score - Good or not?
    Latest Ofsted - Weaknesses/Action Pts?
    Retainment - issues?
    Teacher performance per group - action?
    Strengths - eg boys vs girls, eal, sen, pupil premium, exclusions?
    Weaknesses - what are they?
    Producing Action Plan based on latest data
    KS3 - How measured?
    Flight paths ?
    Estimated grades vs Actual Grades- why different?

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