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What topics do you do?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fishyleg, May 14, 2011.

  1. We are looking at replanning our topics as part of the creative curriculum. This is the list we have so far as starting points....
    What do you do in your school that act as good themes...????
    • Electricty
    • Toys
    • Food
    • sports
    • forces
    • materials
    • water
    • ourselves
    • senses
    • growth
    • places
    • Fire of London
    • Victorians
    • Florence Nightingale
    • Mary Seacole
    • The Gunpowder Plot
    • Romans
    • Vikings
    • Stuarts
    • Seasons and weather
    • Plants
    • Animals
    • Space
    • Rainforests
    • Rivers
    • Egyptians
    • WWII
    • China
    • Greeks
    • AngloSxons
    • habitats
    • Homes
    • Colour
    • The Environment
    • Our Local Area
    • Mountains
  2. Recently we have done:
    Who's the Mummy? (Egyptians!!)
    Life is a Rollercoaster
    To be or not to be (Shakespeare)
    Lights, Camera, Action (performance based)
    Dem Bones, Dem bones!! (Human body)
    Viscious Vikings
    The Secret Garden
    On your doorstep (habitats)

    Hope this helps!
  3. Do your year groups do the same topic at the same time?
  4. We are a one and a half form entry school so have a two year topic cycle. The whole school do the same overall topic but look at it from a different angle.
    For example this term the topic is "All the world's a stage" UKS2 are doing Greeks, LKS2 Tudors etc.

    We do this for all 6 topics. The same overall theme but different angles.
  5. No, each year group does different topics. We are pretty much given free reign to teach the skills using whatever topic we like!
  6. Hi there. Mine have been completely child led. I have observed their interests and taken them from there:
    1. Toy Story
    2. Dr Who
    3. Indiana Jones
    4. Super Mario
    5. Lego City
    6. Star Wars
    They go off at real tangents for example I'm doing Star Wars at the minute but we've spent a week looking at different aspects of robots! Robot Wars arena with lego robots, design and make robot, history bits i.e. first toy robot, Aristotles famous saying about robots and we'll be doing some Picasso inspired art using robot facial features. During Indiana Jones, we looked at the desert and designed and made shelters, we looked at lost city of Machu Picchu. Its been very diverse but really began with their interests.
    Hope that helps!
  7. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    We thrashed ours out last year to try and make them more creative but found we hit a few snags. First our Science Co-ordinator did not want to move away from QCA units so we had to fit those topics into our topics (not impossible but limiting). Second,every local museum's loan resources and the ones we bought in a couple of years ago are geared towards QCA for History or QCA for science. And lastly actually being able to plan History or Geography outcomes around some of the more far out suggestions is quite tricky or just plain tenuous. What we ended up with were topics that still meet science QCA headings (not all the objs thank goodness) and that can utilise museum resources without slavishly using the history QCA outcomes. My topics are: Good to be me (ourselves and sound/hearing QCA for science), Homes (materials) Dragons (no science QCA yipee!) ,Day and Night (light and dark QCA) Lifecycles (Growing Plants QCA) and Toys (pushes and pulls). While they do sound quite dull, we have found them surprisingly good fun. Getting stuff together for the ones that weren't resourced has not been tricky or expensive as we expect that everything will change again before long and we could not justify the outlay.

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