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What to write in resignation.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by redmel, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. redmel

    redmel New commenter

    After being signed off for 2wks, I am due to return to work tomorrow. I have delayed writing my resignation letter because I hoped that I would be able to go back on Monday and I would be fine. After spending the morning in tears and unable to focus on anything, I know that is not going to be the case.

    Is what I need to know is can I simply write - Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation - or do I need to put the date I will be leaving? (this will be 30th April as per T&Cs of teaching contracts. Will they know that this will be when I leave, or do I need to spell it out to them and state my last day in the school will be 30th April 2019. I am trying to avoid that, as it is highly likely I will be signed off again.

  2. esquivalience

    esquivalience New commenter

    One option is to phone your doctor and get an appointment to see someone. You can have up to half a year off sick with full pay and a the rest of the year on half pay. Consider if you have other work to go to. If not, I would advise not doing anything hasty. You don't sound so good so perhaps some time off would help even if you intend leaving (you still have till the May deadline to quit for the end of the year).

    Have you spoken to your union? It might be best to seek advice before acting. Neither of these is a magic cure for a stressful workplace but they might be things you can do actively to help.

    Re. letters of resignation, you simply need to stating that this is to inform the school of your resignation and I would include the date as well.
  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    it would still be your leaving date whether you are off sick or not though, wouldn't it? I would put the date in to make it clear.
  4. redmel

    redmel New commenter

    Thank you. I will include the date.

    Every time I think about going in I feel shaky, sick and start to get tearful. I am only in my RQT year, so wouldn't qualify or that level of sick pay. I think I get 50 days full and 50 days half pay.

    I am thinking of going on supply, or looking for work outside of teaching (even if just for a while) But first I need to get out of this school.

    I phoned my union before half term and felt fobbed off tbh. They just said phone the school and ask if they follow Burgundy Book (It's an Academy). They do, but I'm still not 100% sure what my entitlement is. Also in the Burgundy Book it mentions April as a a new year of entitlement for sick pay, unless something or other that I don't understand (same sick period or same illness? I'm not sure)

    I don't want the school to think I am just trying to scam them for sick pay. I'm not. I loved teaching in my other schools. I can't cope in this school and it has affected me so badly. I can barely function on a day to day level for the sake of my own kids. Everything feels so hard right now.
  5. esquivalience

    esquivalience New commenter

    Really sad that you feel like this so soon after qualifying - hopefully things will get better soon. If it is making you ill then you need to get out and find something else. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  6. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    this bit burgundy book? means that if you are off sick on the "changeover date" you DO NOT get reset back to zero days, but carry on with this year's entitlement
    Where a teacher is on sick leave on 31st March in any year, no new entitlements shall begin until the teacher has
    resumed duty and the period from April 1st until the return to duty is regarded as part of the preceding year’s entitlement for the purpose of this scheme.
  7. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Many schools are now more understanding of mental health issues among staff - given the high number of teachers on anti-depressants and/or diagnosed with WRS, they have to be!

    Is there someone at the school who you can be totally frank with and talk through your options? Based on what you have posted, I think you need more than two weeks off to get to a position where you can make a rational decision on your future. You can't - and shouldn't - make decisions about your future while in your current state.

    If you haven't already, maybe contact the Education Support Network for advice?

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