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What to wear?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by BootStrap, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. It appears that the new head of OFSTED is developing criteria to rate teachers dress. I understand that the grades will not be the usual Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory etc. But Savil Row, M&S, George at ASDA and OXFAM. The problem is that the geographers have their woolly jumpers, the science folk have their white coats etc. BUT what IS appropriate dress for an ICT teacher? Will my Iron Maiden T-shirt and trainers be seen to be undermining achievement? There is already a focus on footwear in the bid for higher academic standards! Today they will ban flip-flops - tomorrow it will be trainers!! I need advice!
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I would have thought the absence of trousers would be more of a concern ;-)
  3. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Iron Maiden T-shirt? My god, I'd slate you for that.

    I'd at least expect Queen or maybe Kiss.
    But really? Shirt, tie, dark trousers (ever so slightly too short). If you are strong with the binary, make the shirt short-sleeved, preferably checked.
  4. It was mentioned. So you get marked down for that then?
  5. I've just been contacted by Sir Michael himself. He says it's not formal policy yet but in general terms he expects that it would be more of an open evaluative framework with criteria referencing being used to access successively higher levels e.g a cardigan is fine for satisfactory but would need to be buttoned up it the teacher were to be rated as good.
    He's also wisely building in contextual weightings so wellies are more acceptable in rural schools whilst body armor is not to be criticized in inner city schools as long as it's in the school colours. Thank god we've got someone sensible in charge.

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