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What to teach year 11 first lessons back after the christmas break

Discussion in 'Music' started by edhoulston, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. I thought I would post a message to see what other music teachers are planning to teach year 11 in the first couple of lessons back. In my school the year 11's have a mock results assembly and it's very official, obviously I can't go through the mock paper with them and highlight areas to target and to focus on un-till after the results day assembly. Any ideas/thoughts on what is good to teach for the first couple of lessons backs would be great
  2. I have to say that I have a course plan which I hand out in Year 10 along with a booklet about the course. We do try to stick to it, althouh year 11 went a little off track last year so we are playing catchup. We are having mocks in the first two weeks back and I we have not completed the course (Edexcel has 12 set works) so I have told the students which works the mocks will be about.
    When they are finished we will crack on with the last two set works to cover which are taken from the world music AofS. There is an African music piece and a lovely Irish fusion piece from Cappercaieieileey (However you spell it!)
    I think the important thing for me is that there is a plan that I have shared with students and that we are broadly sticking to - I think that's important for several reasons:
    1. They are confident that we have time to cover evertying they need to know
    2. They know the deadlines for all pieces of coursework and can see where and when preparatory teaching will take place
    3. The are empowered (I can't believe I said that) to prepare for each piece we study by listening to it (They all have a copy of the listening material) and doing some background reading.
    What board are you doing?

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