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What to take to china

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by danniellaphillips, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, but does Lemsip really work as an insect repellent, february31st? Well, thank goodness no one has mentioned the disgusting subject of COCKROACHES in Chinese apartments.

    Rice cookers, yes. A few thousand, in fact, every time I go to the nearest Ren Ren Le. But bread makers? You are joking, aren't you, penjam? Bring one with you on the plane, if necessary. Toasters are available. Whether or not they actually make the sliced stuff any browner (or blacker) is a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, but at least our cockroaches seem to like the one we have.

    To get back to the subject of ovens, the problem is where to put the blooming thing. Yes, you can buy them here in Shenzhen, but most Chinese kitchens have such small worktops that there just will not be space for anything else (plates, cutlery, pans, food, cockroaches) if you get an oven. The balcony might be the only option. A little oven goes a long, long way!
  2. agbak

    agbak New commenter

    I hope your apartment has a water filter?....
    Not wishing to sound awful,by the way toiler paper, :eek::eek::eek:(the used one,isn't supposed to be flushed down the loo) as it results in blockage...I've had the plumber a few times and I had to pay out of my pocket...
  3. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Bread makers are readily available in the large appartment stores just like Grace Brothers here in China.

    Also available are Raid Cockroach Bait traps that kill the little darlings and stops the egg hatching. Alsowhen other roaches eat the dead ones, they will die aswell. I have never seen a cockroach in my appartment. I think the maid collects them to stir fry with hot pepper source. This an actual North Chinese dish up in region.

    As for appartments, check the size of the kitchen is larger then a postage stamp before you rent. Many appartment are designed for western tastes for easy renting out to expats. So larger kitchens wirh oven are available if you ask.

    Here in Shanghai you can flush the toilet paper down the bowl at the same time. It is true in older buildings you have to place toilet paper in the bin, so dont rent these appartments.

    Many appartments have water softener built into the mains. Mine eats 160kg of salt/yr, it also has a system that provides 4000Lt if drinking water/filters. Salt is 10rmb/kg and the replacement water filters for drinking 800rmb.
  4. SecondPlace

    SecondPlace Occasional commenter

    I could never figure out to use the rice cooker successfully, at least for rice....

    ....great for mulled wine though!
    rouxx likes this.
  5. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Oh the wonders of an ayi - she dealt with the cockroaches, got rid of the toilet paper in the bin (you get used to it and it was worth it for the amazing 'old Shanghai' apartment I had) and generally kept my life running smoothly.

    PS I bought a very serviceable toaster in Metro - lasted me ten years. Rice cooker - I think I used it once. I wish I had thought of the mulled wine option though.
  6. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    On the subject of medicines. I found a Chinese cold and flu stuff that worked a treat. Also great cough medicine (needed to cope with the yearly cough from pollution!), superb mosquito repellent (which I believe was a natural formula), brought a ton of it back with me when I left and there was a very effective natural remedy for altitude sickness. It just took a while to find out what to buy...so bring basics over with you, but the Chinese get colds, flu and headaches just like the rest of us and do have effective medicine if you are prepared to move away from the western brands.
  7. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    Generic brands of some medicines are available in the pharmacies I have been to and they are fairly cheap. You can buy sodium diclefenac over the counter and a broad spectrum antibiotic e.g. ampicillin without a prescription as you can in many countries.

    Some western cold cures and cough mixtures are available in Watsons and Mannings, but yes they are a little pricey and are subject to limits, while the local ones are not.

    Mosquito repellant (Off!) and roach killer (Raid!) are widely available (thanks to Johnsons!) in all the supermarkets here!

    I bought my breadmaker at Metro but widely available in other stores

    Instructions for the rice cooker:
    • a teaspoon full of cooking oil
    • a mug of rice
    • stir well
    • a mug and a half of water
    • stir a little
    • close the lid
    • press start
    • it will bing when it is done
    Agree with feb about the loo paper

    We have a water delivery boy who is very helpful and cheap, $2 for 5 gallons lasts about a fortnight
    rouxx likes this.
  8. Fer888

    Fer888 Occasional commenter

    If you don't have anything for a mosquito bite toothpaste works well !
  9. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    We use the rice cooker quite a lot (but then we had a steamer at home and used it lots too.) The rice cooker has a thingy in it which I think means you can use it to steam dumplings, but I've not had a go yet. We've also bought a slow cooker - I've used that for mulled wine in the past but never thought of the rice cooker!

    On cockroaches, we had them in our apartment in Egypt and I bought one of the electric insect repellents to keep them away - it worked there, and it's working well here too!

    We're in a new(ish) apartment in Beijing and the toilet paper flushes most of the time - you can buy giant plungers to unblock the loo when it doesn't.
  10. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Now I get instructions for the rice cooker! Ten years too late!

    Was more interested in how to do mulled wine in it though.
    amysdad likes this.

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