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what to put on job application

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by vickyrae1970, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    i wanted some advice . i have a friend who had a nervous breakdown last year , following an unpleasant marriage and divorce . basically , she wants to apply for a mainscale job but had about three months off sick , then resigned and has spent the last few months getting herself well . could anybody suggest to me what she might put on an application form ? as an ex - head of dept , i have told her to be honest about what happened , but do any of you have words of advice ?
  2. What does the application form ask for? Most seem to have dropped the 'tell us how ill you've been' questions, so if she isn't asked, she needn't tell.
    And if asked verballt rather than in writing, it's clearly the case that a painful divorce made her very ill, which happens every day, but fortunately not to most people more than once, and is nether a crime nor a failing.
  3. Sorry about my typing.
  4. But the Safeguarding person on the shortlisting/interviewing panel will probably ask about this gap, as is part of their remit. It would be good for the OP's friend to have a stock phras/answer ready to use if asked so that she's not thrownby being asked. Perhaps "a career break following a change in personal circumstances" would explain adequately. OP, why not ask someone in your school who is Safer Recruitment trained if that answer would satisfy their potential concerns?
  5. absolutely.

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