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What to pack for a toddler (holiday clothes)

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Chica77, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Is there a washing machine in the villa? If so, then it doesn't matter if some of the clothes get dirty. And if there isn't, then get some of that handwash stuff and you can clean his clothes like that.
    I've never taken my son abroad, but have been to stay at my parents' several times, and I always pack too much - his clothes take up more room in my bag than mine do!
    Do you have a beach towel for him? And a high factor suncream of course.
    For you - just sundresses, underwear, swimsuits and flip flops. Oh, and your make-up, hairbrush etc. Easy!
    I'm pretty sure you'll be able to buy stuff there if you forget anything.
  2. Haha! My mum said that LO would probably spend most the time in the nud! We are staying in a villa with a pool, but only a small complex of 13 villas. I have been stressing a bit about the potential sunburn as my LO is VERY fair, but forgot that the temperatures won't be extreme.
    Thanks, I am soooo excited. First time to Portugal but have heard very good things. [​IMG]

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