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What to look for in a school for NQT Year?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by charlieramsden, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently studying on my PGCE course and starting to look for jobs for my NQT year starting in Sept. I'm not applying locally as I'm moving to live with my partner in another city, because of this I won't have much information about the schools I'm applying to (other than an Ofsted report, a visit to the school and maybe a school website). What criteria should I be looking for in the school, to know I can have a successful and happy NQT year?
    Any advice will be much appreciated!

  2. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    A job would be nice!

    To be honest, everyone will be looking for something different in a school, you need to find the school that suits you and feels right to you, Given the scarcity of primary jobs, anything more would be a bonus!
  3. I would apply for every job going, and just see how you feel after a look around.
    Generally, as long as you feel like the staff are friendly and supportive, I think this is the most important thing.
    Dont take too much notice of Ofsted reports - Infact, as an NQT id be tempted to steer clear of Outstanding schools as I dont think i'd want to be under that much pressure in my first year of teaching.
    But a jobs a job and if you are lucky enough to be offered one, i'd take it. If you then dont feel its the right school you know you only have to stick it out for a year and then can start looking for a new role.
  4. Thanks for your advice! Much appreciated!
  5. I am in the same position as you although I graduated last year and have been lucky enough to get a decent amount of supply.
    I viewed an outstanding school today as a precursor to writing an application. I am slightly conflicted as the school was great the staff seemed friendly but I did not feelthe school was right for me.
    In my experience so far schools are like microcosms and differ greatly and I therefore think it is really important to find the one that suits you.
    I think if you apply to an outstanding school you have to trade off the fact that you will have a huge amount expected of you but you should learn good processes and systems and hopefully experience better leadership.
    Last September before I decided to do supply for a year, I visited a school and when asked they said they would take an NQT but one that did not need much support! So it may be worth ringing up the school and having a chat even if you can not visit.


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