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What to give new reception parents......

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bex2606, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Last year I made a book mark with tips for helping young children to read on it as this was an area that parents had said they found difficult.
  2. Hi
    I'm moving from y1 to reception in Sept and we tend to have an initial 'new parents' meeting that I shall hold. Then we do about 4/5 visits where the children spend an afternoon a week at school.
    In Sept we stagger the new entrants over a 2 week period - this is all new to me too!

  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We have an induction meeting for new parents and give parents a school brochure and a copy of the FSU brochure which explains about the organisation of the unit - starting/finishing times - lunch options/costs - uniform order form - PE - need PE shoes and suggest helping child by practising getting changed
    We also include a Jolly Phonics leaflet (can be ordered free from Jolly Learning) and a sheet explaining how letters are formed correctly (right and left handed versions) and we ask parents not to teach their child to write using all capitals. We also give each child a booklet of rhymes we use in school.
    I always provided a model phonics session and some whole class number work to demonstrate how we work.

    Most of our new intake will already attend the unit so we only have visits for those children who attend other settings - usually 3 morning and 3 afternoon sessions in last half term. All children start full time on the first day - so we warn parents their child may be very tired.
  4. We do the same as Msz. Somebody put a wonderful ppt on tes a few years ago which I adapted to my setting. Check out the resources section.
  5. OK - so was it only me who read the post title and thought

    "An industrial size pack of name labels"
  6. and a sheet explaining how letters are formed correctly (right and left handed versions)

    Do you know where I might be able to get a copy of this? I had an interesting discussion with my head about this!
  7. Have got some ideas from this, thanks!
    I was also looking for something a little different - was thinking about a questionnaire about the children, a colouring sheet, an attempt at their name, etc
    ....anyone got any creative / innovative ideas for me? my brain's got that Friday feeling (actually it has that feeling most of the time at the moment!).....
  8. How about giving the children/parents a paper bag or box (you can get takeaway style ones from educational suppliers) with 'Magical Me' on it before they start. Ask the children to put things that show what makes them special inside the bag to bring back to school in the first weeks for you to share with the children either 1:1, small groups or in circle time. Heard about it from a friend, haven't done it yet planning to start this year.

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