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What to do.....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by modgepodge, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    I am feeling so depressed right now.
    Qualified (primary) in July, moved to a new area in September, due to uncertainty about whether I'd be moving or not was not able to sort out a job for September. Have applied for every job going since September (plus about 15 before the summer), but no luck so far.
    Am registered with 2 supply agencies, my CRB came back during half term so I sent a copy to agency 2 who are happy to accept agency 1's CRB. Received an email from agency 1 on Tuesday to say I'm set up and they're "looking for work" for me. Have emailed agency 2 just now to chase up how paper work is going.
    When am I going to get some work?! I have no money at all, and am so depressed sitting at home all day while all my friends from my course have jobs (literally, of 26 of us only about 6 didn't get jobs). Went to job cente yday and in 1 month I have to start broadening my search so I'm not just looking for teaching work. When asked what other jobs I could do I said TA, but apparently that's no good as "it's the same type of work". I pointed out it pays about 1/3 of teaching and technically you don't need any qualifications at all but they weren't interested. (I'm not trying to degrade TAs here, I really respect the work they do but its NOT the same as teaching and I didn't get myself in £20k+ debt in order to become a TA).
    Is it worth approaching local schools directly? What should I say? I think the problem is I really don't want to do supply - I hate the idea. I want my own class. This is causing me to totally lack motivation to chase up agencies etc. However I'm also aware that the longer I'm out the classroom the more unemployable I become....
  2. I would send your CV to local schools and drop it in in person if possible to introduce yourself. This is what I have done every year. Unfortunately it has not led to a permanenet position for me but I have managed to get fairly regular supply for the last 5 years, including some long term supply positions. This year the supply work has been a bit less than in previous years due to budget cutsetc... and I think this is pretty standard everywhere at the mo.

    Good luck and don't give up, the first term on supply after qualifying is always the worst!! It does get better!
  3. Hi there, I was in your position this time last year. It is hard when most ppl on your course got jobs. Of course, having our very own classes would be ideal as that's what we signed-up for! But unfortunatley that cannot be the reality for many new teachers these days due to cut-backs and training far more teachers than are needed (I found this last point became crystal clear AFTER I gained QTS, as univerities will give you the impression, especially when trying to entice you into teacher training, that you will get a job for September. They are essentially businesses - they sell the qualification so they gotta sell 'the dream' too!). Anyway, I have been through a lot since this time last year but kept going and now I am in a much better situation despite still not having my own class.
    Before gaining QTS and afterwards, I applied for many jobs. Come October '10 I was focusing on ones in schools where I supplied. I attended many interviews but did not get any of these. I kept going with the supply - some was good, some was nightmarish. Some days I wanted to jump off a cliff, but come dusk I thought how great it was not to have to slave on lesson plans in the evenings (big plus!).
    Come summer 2011 I was very depressed. Obviously there was no supply as schools had shut. Had attended 10 interviews since Jan but got nothing. I looked on a local jobsite and applied for a nursery job - got it and they pay me a senior nursery nurse rate because I have QTS. Then applied for a nanny job - got it and they pay well, partly because I have QTS (and have previous experience of nannying). Then, Sep '11, a school I had an interview at way back in May requested me for 1 day per week and now I go there every Wednesday to teach the same classes.
    I think the key thing is - be prepared to be adptable as these are tough times. And please just give supply a go, as it's a great way of getting contacts and 'showcasing' your skills to schools. You could get some kind of part-time organisation going (I work in the nursery 1 day per week plus cover in holidays, and nanny sporadically around 10 hours per week after school hrs) to boost your finances. You could balance this with supply as I do.
    Put yourself out there, try not to compare yourself to others but instead note your achievements, be adaptable (can't emphasise this enough! !), force yourself to look on the bright side, and be positive and confident (or fake it until you feel it!). Although I once applied for a TA job after gaining QTS, I agree with you, don't go there - it's just not worth it.
    Hope my story helps - and remember what Theo said around 1 month ago under post entitled 'Good News for NQTs' - the '16 month rule' on supply for NQTs is going to be abolished in April and extended to 5 years - so that gives you so much time to show schools what you are made of ! : )

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