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What to do with year 9!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by NWestwood, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I joined my school as head of MFL in September. I am in the process of changing key stage 3 schemes of work for next year and am trying to think up ways to keep year 9 motivated. We have traditionally done early entry GCSE but have decided to stop this. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!
  2. It would be really interesting to know why. So many schools seem to be opting to do thid.
  3. *this*
  4. ah40

    ah40 New commenter

    I have been doing NVQ Level 1 French this year and it has totally changed my way of teaching Year 9. I can recommend it.
  5. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    cross-curricular is the new black...
  6. mpillette

    mpillette New commenter

    How about building each unit of work around an end-of-unit project to be explained clearly to students at the beginning of the unit - Each project could have a cultural and/or cross-curricular dimension ('meaningful contexts for learning' - students love that). - To be done in small groups, and students to be given the opportunity to use a variety of media. - Evaluation criteria to be made clear to all. - What projects? I once got students to devise a marketing campaign for selling Marmite ® in a TL country. I have used the topic of homeless people (making the public more aware of...) on a number of occasions (writing mini articles / awareness-raising posters / TV-style reports / interview of a homeless person / sketches / ...). Other idea: create a mini-episode for a TV soap re. the unit's topic. The world is your oyster! Any more ideas anyone? Martine
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I think the idea of basing each unit around a project is probably what we'll go for. Possbilities I'd thought of including giving a presenation aimed at the council about how to improve the local area and doing something about the daily routine of teenagers in French speaking Africa. I like the idea of the TV soap.

    As for why we have been doing early entry, the decision predates me being in hte school but I think it was partly a response to MFL ceasing to be compulsory at KS4 and partly to motivate year 9s.

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