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What to do with Year 11 when they have finished??

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by ArthurDent, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. ...or give yourself some down time. A video or two. Ask them to bring other stuff to revise in your lesson. And let your colleagues know that they can take students from your lessons as everything is completed: they might thank you for it.
  2. We get loads of pieces of sugar paper and write questions at the top leading them to write about their history in Drama throughout the school. They love filling them in and once full they go up on the wall of our Theatre and all the younger kids love to read them as well. It provides a real opportunity for a final lesson and a way of celebrating their passing on as it were.
  3. I'm envious that you've finished!

    I agree with Arthur though - don't go mad planning stuff. A few low key/fun activities is fine but first and foremost I'd be asking other staff if any of them need extra coursework catch-up time or revision time and I'd be inclined to use some of that time to do some revision stuff. If you mix this in with a few fun drama bits and bobs that should take you to the end of the year.
  4. That's a nice idea! :)
  5. I once had a really keen group who wanted to keep on doing 'proper' Drama till the end even though they'd finished and I was exhausted, so I got them to create a movement piece for their Leavers Assembly. They used the Green Day song 'Time of Your Life, and came up with pivotal moments from each year of school (first day, tormenting the supply teacher, day we did an open air production and there was a storm etc) which they put together in a vaguely dancey way. The last image was them taking a massive breath and a big step 'into the unknown' - cheesy I know, but they loved it and it required very little input from me!

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