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What to do with numicon?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rainbowdrop86, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    Looked at the resources in my new classroom today and have got some numicon shapes. Ive never used these before and havent got a clue what to do with them!!! Any suggestions would be really grateful
  2. Oh thanks for that I'm going on a Numicon course in September! Very useful thanks
  3. I love Numicon and wish I had more. They are great as a visual representation for each number, for 'seeing' number bonds and generally as a support for children. I have some in baskets on tables so children can use them as they wish.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    We have a whole series of numicon lessons with our kits. Our school loves them. Very visual. Great for bond, explaining addition, subtraction - well everything really.
  5. The National Numeracy Strategy for Cumbria had a document called "100 things to do with Numicon" on their site.

    If you can't find it I have an electronic copy I could email you.
  6. Hi,

    I've just seen your comment and wondered if I could be cheeky and ask you to email this to me too?
    My address is lisalisaevans@yahoo.co.uk

    Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hopefully, you have mail.
  8. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Thanks for the link - that's really useful.

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