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What to do with myself?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Jenerena, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Glad you are in some ways feeling better but I still feel that you need to be frank and honest when you return to the doctors. How you feel when you are at home and how you feel about even returning to work are to different things entirely. Work should not be putting any pressure on you and when you return to the doctor you must tell him exactly how you feel. The yoga and planning for the wedding plus the support you are gaining from family and friends is assisting you to recover. Recover so therefore you are still most likely in need of further time to be ready. The GP I should imagine will not hesitate in giving you further time to get well or recover. You will only have to look on here to see that a couple of weeks is nothing, others have gone back to soon and then had time off again, you are important. Health and well being. Think of the vibrant positive teacher at the end of it, so what if it's a few extra weeks.
  2. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    Hi jenerena. How are you getting on.? Did you go back after half term?
  3. I feel a lot better. I will be returning tomorrow and my head has put in a phased return plan for me which I've decided myself. I'm doing two half-days this week just being in class to support, then I'm teaching maths on monday and tuesday, maths and an afternoon session wednesday, then maths, english and an afternoon session thurs, then a full day friday.

    I am going to be super careful though and my headteacher knows it will need to be flexible depending on how I feel. I do think I'll be ok once I've started teaching again and I know I'll be fine with the actual teaching part, but it's the planning, paperwork and general pressure/self-criticism that drove me down in the first place so I'll have to be especially careful of my thoughts with this. I'm practising a lot of mindfulness techniques at the moment to help with this.

    I'm already fretting about planning because I'm always so uncertain with it and thinking it isn't good enough, and wanting lessons to be more exciting etc. I also fret about fitting things in with topics and using the right books and resources etc. I have however requested support from a certain teacher in the school who I know has a similar style to me teaching/planning wise (used to job share with her) but way more experienced and is the english co-ordinator; the trickiest subject to plan for me.

    So, I know what is right for me but I need to make sure my phased return feels right for me and not with too much pressure. Thank you for your concern!
  4. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    This sounds like me in my younger days. Why are some of us so critical of ourselves while others think they are doing a fabulous job when they are not? I'm glad you have a colleague you have worked with before and who might help you with this. Sending positive thoughts.

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