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What to do when they laugh when in trouble?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by moggycat, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    It drives me up the wall! There is a girl in my class(year 6) who craves attention and when she is being told off she will often end up in fits of giggles. Perhaps because she is nervous or just being cocky but aggghhh it is irritating. I try to stay calm and not raise my voice, rather proceed to move her on to the next sanction. Is this the right thing to do?
  2. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    anyone, please?
  3. Fake laugh back, then stern face and punishment straight away normally does the trick. Then, a few words at the end of the lesson, something along the lines of "I don't mind you laughing if something is funny. Behaving so childishly is not funny, and I don't appreciate your rudeness. It needs to stop now." You could even go a bit further by saying "The other children in the class have a right to learn. They want to learn. Behaving like you have in this lesson stops them learning, and you are taking away their right to their education."
  4. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    I will try that, thanks.

  5. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    I know this probably does not fit with standard practice in school behaviour policies, but if this behaviour has been bugging you for some time now, as a parent, I would say it would be great to talk to the parents about it, particularly if they seem reasonable and normal (do they?). Not in a scary or significant way, but just a chat when the girl is not around to see what they think about it. They might shed some light on it, they might not.
    Does she do this laughing when you tell her off on her own, or just in front of her peer group during the course of the lesson? Has she always done this, or does something seem to have triggered it in recent weeks?
    And what sort of things are you having to tell her off for? It gets complicated when one issue doubles into two - the initial misbehaviour, and then the laughing which you find annoying. It must appear as though she is enjoying misbehaving and then winding you up; but this might not be the reason.
    Could you say to the parents you are going to try a different approach soon, and if they have any thoughts once they have gone home and mulled over it you would appreciate them letting you know so that you can make your new approach as effective as possible?
    It could be for example that if you have some other way of reprimanding her initial misbehaviour, it will not cause the fit of giggling.
    Or is all of this too much outside your school standard policy?
  6. Good comments. I'd do them the other way around though.
  7. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    All very helpful advice, thanks very much.xx
  8. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I have a child in my class who smirks when you tell her off. And she doesn't remove the smirk. I think it's because she doesn't know how to respond. Usually if I find they do laugh, or smirk, then I continue to take time off their golden time until they decide to stop, or I send them out. I'm sorry but when the rest of the class are looking on, i'm not letting them see that it's acceptable to laugh at the sanction for making the wrong choice!! Plus, they can soon earn that time back if they do start making the right choice. I just find it so rude!!
  9. Often it is just pure embarassment and they can't help it!
    It makes me wild, though! Take them outside the room to deal with it, so that the other kids can't see them!

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