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What to do next?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by allieb21, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I am wondering what to do with my option RE class (11 kids) after their exam Tuesday. I am doing the full course and after this their second exam is on Islam but i dont want to go straight into the topic after the exam. I basically have 4 lessons with them till halfterm and i want to do something of benefit not something random. I was thinking of trying to get a copy of East is East and showing that? Or does anyone have any ideas?
    I wanted to start Islam after halfterm.


  2. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Always a dilemma - but must admit do not like East is East and think it is actually quite offensive in parts. What about an episode of 'Secret Millionnaire' - I use this to link to ethics but could maybe be used to link to Islamic teachings on giving/charity - it can be found on the Channel 4 equivalent of i player.
  3. Hi

    thanks! Yeah I thought about East is East after and that might be dodgy! It's like I more want to give then a mini project? Maybe like doing an overview of Islam? I really not sure at moment! Although secret millionare for one episode would be good!
  4. Have you though about Spirited Arts? RE Today have some good stuff on Islamic calligraphy which could lead into work on the 99 names or beliefs about representation, or you could link to Hajj for the journeys theme? We're planning on doing it with our sixth formers and already do it with our non-examined KS4; a couple of stimulus lessons that show how the themes might be illustrated with ideas you'll be studying later and a few lessons to let them create. We do a gallery of work in the main school to raise the profile and the kids seem to like not having to 'do exam stuff' for a couple of weeks.
  5. Hi, Thanks,
    I unfortunately am not subscribed to RE Today so i can't see anything on it...ah well!
    I am thinking maybe an investigation into Islam, like an overview for them? 'm thinking that i might just give them the topics we will look at through Edexcel and they have to investigate them.
    I am struggling on the best way to do this. 3 hours...best doing something on the computer or giving them books and them designing something? So confused!!!!
  6. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Invite me in to do some free workshops -

    Invite me in to lead discussion on any aspect of RE.

    Invite me in to hotseat about why religion matters so much to me and I spend hours each week sharing resources and trying to support my beloved colleagues.

    invite me in to talk about being in a mixed marriage - mixed religiously and culturally -

    Invite me in to take some of the GandT's and give them some challenging activities on areas not in the curriculum

    Invite me in to work with the little ******** that stop you doing exciting and creative things with your classes

    Here am I, experienced and frustrated because I am not able to teach RE any more at the moment, feeling that I am really wasting my days


    So just invite me in. And that's not just a message for Alex, its for all of you. Primary or Secondary. My part time work in College fades out from the end of May, as I am just supporting classes until their exams, so I can be really flexible about time..

    I know how it can be a bit flat towards the end of term. And I really can liven things up in a creative way, linking in with any aspect of RE that you like.

    I can combine this with art or drama activities too - if you have a flexible time-table (would need at least two hour slots.)

    and if you do watch East is East, try to get the original script from the play which the film 'ripped off.' It was a deeply moving play which had you in tears at times as well as in fits of laughter.

    What the director of the play did was invent the whole thing about the wedding at the start of the play, and the character of the Eldest Son who had walked out from his marriage.

    That took up so much of the time in the play that everything else was either cut or minimalised and trivialised.

    In the play, time was given to each of the sons and I found the one who was torn between cultures the most interesting.

    In the play there was no violence from the Father until the end - and the way that the little son, who always wore his Parker with its hood up - even in hospital - had the hood torn off as he tried to protect his mother, was deeply significant of his growing up and facing the realities of life.

    My son and I were so moved by the play that when we heard that a film was being made, we went along as extras - with my husband and Mother in law. So we are all in the film. You see me for a second, full face, shocked and concerned, as the Eldest son runs from the wedding.

    You see my husband in the scene where the men are passing around the photos of the prospective brides. He was iin his element as an 'important businessman' for the day, with cigar and all.

    My son is careful not to be viewed in a way that anyone would recognise him - always from the back - as it is a big 'no, no' for an actor to take the role of an extra.

    We had a lot of fun in the filming, but when it came out we were really disappointed. It had been turned into a farce. All the characters had been mangled, but especially the father.

    For me the worst thing was to marginalise the religious content. In the play, between every scene, the father would spread out his prayer-mat and pray. And sometimes, iat the end of the day in the Chip shop, when everyone else had gone home, he would just lean on the counter and put his head in his hands and cry. He was trying so hard to do the right thing for that family.

    He never touched a hair on the head of anyone except in that final humiliation when his Art Student Son's hairy creation came flying across the room - and his friends, who should have become his in-laws, got up in disgust and walked out.

    So if you do watch it, please read my post to the class before hand and discuss the way that religion is pushed out in our society and real drama, sincere, honest, painful life-drama, trivialised and turned into farcical entertainment.
  7. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    sorry, that should read, What the director of the FILM did -

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