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What to do if you do not see a sanction as severe enough?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by dominant_tonic, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    Today I was sworn at and another member of staff shoved out of the way by a year 8 lad, in a debate about the confiscation of a mobile. He was failry aggressive, leaving me quite shaken,and the language was not soft swearing. I have made SLT aware of his behaviour previously using sims, and have said that I found his behaviour unsettling and intimidating. he is well known for poor behaviour.
    He was sent to the unit, but I want him excluded. Surely directly swearing at a member of staf fis grounds for that? If however he is not excluded, I am inclined to tell the head that I am unhappy with this, just to make my feelings known, rather than expecting it to change his decision. I am an NQT covering a maternity cover. Would you do this or not?
  2. If we excluded every child that swore at us, we'd get rid of most of year 10 and 11.

    As for the shoving, could be seen as common assault.... Or just walking away with staff in the way.

    If SMT don't care, moaning to the head won't help.
  3. englishtt06

    englishtt06 Occasional commenter

    A difficult one since your position in the school is temporary so, unfortunately, they'll be less inclined to side with a transient. You could make your feelings known to the Head (do you have a good relationship with him/her, if yes, this could help). Personally, I would speak to your union rep; it could carry more weight. In my last school swearing at teachers was all-too-common and I was threatened physically - neither led to exclusion of the pupils involved, but then I think - how many wrongs make a right? Make your feelings known, better than letting them fester.
  4. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    saithowitis. Hmm. One way to look at it I suppose, and the reason I asked, for other opinions. I know what you are saying, of course I do. But I am not saying a swearing under the breath which of course we all get frequently, but a more agressive, designed to intimidate type of swearing.
    Moaning, wasn't quite what I had in mind, just a well-worded 'I felt unsupported and wanted it logged' type comment. This lad is a time-bomb and needs sorting while he still can be.
    Thanks for responding, we'll see what the consensus is.
  5. Is your mentor or HoD supportive? If so they might be able to advise you in context with the school and may escalate it. I am a second year and know that this sort of thing can feel intimidating. Just remember that it isn't personal and try not to let it unsettle you.
  6. If you're in a school where there can be 'a debate about the confiscation of a mobile', then the head has already given up. You'll get no support there. I suggest that you heve the pupil brought to you, for you to restore your status by wasting a lot of his time and making it clear that you are in charge. Once he sees you as someone who provides unpleasant consequences, he should start to behave better for you.
  7. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    englishtt06 - yes, I think you are right. If I were permanent it would be different I feel. I also agree with your sentiment about how many wrongs make a right. I have been sworn at plenty of times, but never in such an aggresive way if that makes sense? I think I will make my feelings known, albeit in a light touch sort of way.
    It did unsettle me, a lot. I know this kid has huge problems, and a very dififcult home life, he is a product of his upbringing. I am worried about seeing him around school today - yesterday afternoon, my door opened and I can't see it from where I work at the PC - I was on a free - and I was really scared that it was him. He is really on a knife-edge all the time. HoD is supportive and said that she would expect him to be excluded, so I will wait and see what happens today - though nothing on sims as yet.
    Again, a sound suggestion, thank you. But I would be rather too scared of this pupil to have him in my room for detention - but I could alwaysmake sure someone else was there. This may well be an option.
    Thanks for all your replies, wait and see what transpires today, then I will update. Thank you all. Food for thought.
  8. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    Easy. Complain to the head- you've been treated appallingly by a child, and if we start shrugging our shoulders and saying, 'That's the job' then it becomes the job. It isn't acceptable to swear and push a teacher, and yes, it deserves an exclusion. You can't make this happen, but you can make your feelings clear.
    The down side is of course that you might be in a school where such suggestions might not be welcome, and I'd like to suggest that if the behaviour is often like this, or the SLT see it as almost normal, then your suggestion will fall on deaf ears. But you can help this by being civil, clear and professional in the way you bring this to the Head. Don;t go in shouting and criticising- simply make you case politely.
    But there are thousands of other schools, and if you don't obtain satisfaction then I suggest you start looking around to find one of them you can go to. A school that doesn't look after its staff doesn't deserve to have any.
    Good luck
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