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What to do if a hotel has double booked your room?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by fantastischfish, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I'm asking on behalf of a friend.

    My friend has a rather...dramatic...life. She rarely does anything without the absolutely worst case scenario happening. On the past 3 occasions that we've due to meet up, she's had some disaster: first, she had her injections prior to a trip to Africa and had an allergic reaction, ending up in hospital; next, I turned up to meet her, she didn't turn up and 2 hours later text me with some massive drama about losing her phone and having to collect from from someone who'd found it, but they wouldn't give it back without her giving them lots of money....
    Finally, today, she was due to come round for a coffee before she goes on holiday tomorrow. She's just text to say that her hotel has called to let her know the room's been double booked, so she's frantically sorting out another room (she is traveling alone, so panicking).
    Honestly, she's either the world's most fanciful liar, or the unluckiest woman on the planet.
    So, does anyone know what responsibility the hotel has towards her given that they double booked the room and have only let her know 24 hours before she's due to fly. Obviously if she cannot get another room to stay in at short notice, she loses the cost of her flight too.
    What should I advise her (apart from stay at home and wrap herself in contton wool)?
    Eva x x x
  2. Did she book directly with the hotel

    Are the hotel or the alternative booking system ABTA bonded

    If so I think they are duty bound to find an appropriate alternative

    Elsewise ... has she contacted her insurance company

    Though, tbh,
    sounds right
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    That would only be appropriate if she's not getting the money back from the hotel (or booking agent). The hotel is hardly going to charge her if they have double-booked. They should, however, have found her an alternative hotel , with similar faciliites, price and star rating,nearby.
    We arrived at a hotel in Mexico for an overnight stay before driving to our main accommodation, and the hotel was overbooked. They had detauils ready for us with the address and directions to another (higher-rated) hotel, which they'd already paid for (as we'd already paid them for the night's stay). It was inconvenient after the long flight but at least we weren't panicking late at night about where the 4 of us would be sleeping.
  4. The suggestion in the OP was that there had been no work on the part of the Hotel/operator to find an alternative

    If this were actually the case and, as the OP suggests, there is a flight but nowhere to stay ... the insurance company would deal with the flight costs

    Indeed ... I only suggested the insurance company if the hotel had not done as expected
  5. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Thanks for the advice so far guys.

    My friend booked through bookings.com
    It seems as though they have 'secured' her booking using her credit card details, but haven't actually ensured the hotel had a room before telling her that her booking was finalised.

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