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What to do - help

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by antoniou, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Does work know you are pregnant? I only ask because if they do, they might be LESS likely to make you redundant for fear you say they did so BECAUSE you're pregnant - which would come under discrimination. Just a thought.
  2. I think you need to get advice from your union.
    I thought that if you are made redundant while you are pregnant they have to pay your maternity pay but I'm not an expert.
    Personally I don't think its a good time to get another job - not a good start but if you really need to for the money then go for it as you have the right to do so.
  3. no they don't and don't think it would make any difference as I have seen the working out!

    but I do see your point
  4. they do but not all of it as I wouldn't be returning after! The thing is I can't tell the new school yet, its so early - I am only 10 weeks!
  5. By the time you were offered the job you would probably be 12+. It is a really tricky one, FWIW a friend of mine was once offered a HOD job when she was unknowingly pregnant. When she told them why she had changed her mind they tried to get her to take it anyway.
    It's really bad timing because if you are made redundant while on mat leave they have to pay your notice.
    Surely though if you get a new job after being made redundant within a year (ie mat leave) it must be counted as continuous service and therefore you would get the additional maternity pay? Otherwise that would be really discriminatory.
  6. i read that if a woman was made redundant whilst on maternity leave she could not be asked to pay back the 50% extra maternity pay as it wasn't her choice not to return....
    personally, i'd sit it out, contact my union and let work know i was pregnant as soon as i'd had my 12 week scan.

  7. If you are made redundant during maternity leave you do not have to
    pay back the additional maternity pay - that's what I've been told in my
    With regards to maternity pay, if you are working in
    your qualifying week (think it's week 25) then you will receive SMP
    whatever happens - although I'm not 100% sure about the additional
    maternity pay.
    There is legislation which offers some 'protection'
    to women on maternity leave when it comes to redundancy. Speak to your
    union about Regulation 10 of the Maternity and Parental Leave
    Regulations. If they seem a bit clueless, speak to the district reps. If
    still no use. try ACAS or a solicitor specialising in employment law.
  8. How drastically would your hours be cut? If you're thinking about part time jobs elsehwere, can't you just have a part time job at your current school? Or am I missing the point?! (Quite likely!!) Could you, say, go back part time with whatever they offer you, and do your time so to speak, whilst looking for another job?
  9. By a lot and I am already part-time! I was very much under the impression that they can make you pay back the occ mat pay. The prob is that if my post were to be made redundant it would be from 31st Aug and I am not due til mid Oct so I would not be on mat leave when they made me redundant...I want to cry. I hate it.
  10. There are a number of issues that I think it would be worth discussing with your union asap. One is the issue of paying back occ mat pay. I am as certain as I can be from my own experience that they cannot make you return this additional maternity pay if you are made redundant. Maybe if you took voluntary redundancy but not if it was compulsory redundancy. Assuming you were still employed until end of august that would take you past 25 weeks and whatever happens you would get SMP. However i would check with the union what would happen if you were to move jobs - there might be a risk of it not being recognised as continuous service for the purposes of SMP and therefore you might not qualify for SMP from your new employer - really not sure how that would work so a chat with union or ACAS would help clarify things.

    most of all, please don't let it stress you out too much - you have your health and baby to think of. I know having been notified of redundancy a few weeks before I went on maternity leave how stressful it can be but ultimately you will find a way around it!
  11. You could be on maternity leave - you can go on mat leave from 28 weeks.
    I really think you need to check this out properly with someone who really does know.
  12. thanks everyone! need to have a good think and contact my union. off for a day out today and going to try to forget about it for now as nothing I can do at the moment

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