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What to do between now and September?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by conkerlass, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi
    My school uplifts it's timetable next week so year 9 become year 10 now etc.. I do Edexcel shortcourse 1 (50 minute) lesson a week in year 9 and 10. My year 9s have finished Believing in God and Matters of life and Death and then they'll start Marriage and the Family. I don't think they will remember much if I start it now so would rather start in September. I have 5 lessons to do and wondering what others do in the same situation. I'm thinking maybe some general background lessons on marriage but thought maybe you'd have some advice or sparkly ideas?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. What about some work on some key quotes?
  3. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter

    If you don't mind doing something totally unrelated to the GCSE I do a Philosophy at the Movies course with my GCSE students after the exam.
    The nature of reality - The Matrix
    Plato's Cave - Truman Show
    Situation Ethics - The Dark Knight
    The nature of God (also covers the question of free will) - Bruce Almighty
    What is a soul? - The Simpsons (Bart sells his soul)
    What does it mean to be human? - Edward Scissorhands
  4. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I have said this before and have some 'bookings' but still some free space. If you would like me to come in and talk about any aspect of RE or give a workshop on Religious Identity show one of my Reflections on Life sideshows with the music - and create some good discussion - use my Lotusbuds cards to bounce ideas round -, give a Hinduism Workshop with Rangoli-making etc...

    I've only limited space left in July as going away around 15th but send me a pm if you would like a visit. I ask only for expenses to cover travel. On 30th I will be up north so if you are that end of the land and would like a visit on 1st then let me know soon as I've not fixed transport yet.

    Happy days
  5. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    Do you have any resources on these things you'd be willing to share?? They'd be greatly appreciated!!!x
  6. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    I have over 60 resources uploaded on the TES resources site and they have been viewed over 40,000 times. I am also in the process of seeing if I can publish some of them.

    But while I am getting much satisfaction from trying to get my business up and running, and make resources widely available, I miss being in a classroom, interacting with students, and supporting the RE department. So that's why I'm happy to come in to any school in the UK and give whole day / half day / 2 hour workshops or give assemblies / presentations to your classes on any aspect of RE you like - free - as long as you can pay my expenses (travel costs, food etc.)

    This offer is only limited while I have a few spare days in my diary. It gives me a lot of joy to come into schools, improves my experience and gives something of value in enthusiasm, energy, discussion, ideas, encouragement and support to the schools I visit.

    There is one great workshop called 'Identity Passport' which can be squeezed into a lesson but is better with two hours. We look at Religious Identity including heritage, ancestors and what we mean by God. By the end of the workshop each student has made a Religious Identity Passport which is personalised. I have done this with year 6, and all KS3 years. I've even done it with year 10 and they also loved it and found it really interesting.

    So come on. give me a PM and fill up my diary!! I hate days like today when I'm just stuck at home working on the computer. Self Employment is quite isolating and that's frustrating when you are used to all the buzz of a school and a classroom.

    However, being able to share resources is one of the great benefits of my situation. For 20 years the only people to benefit from my fantastic resources and boundless subject knowledge (yes, I am joking) have been the small number of students in my classes. But now I feel I really am able to reach more people. My goal is to make my products and services available world-wide. So grab me now before I am so busy and famous that you would have to book me up years in advance!!!
  7. Hi

    Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions :)

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