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What to do after accepting an offer on gttr?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by fusbal, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    Absolutely made up to have an offer from Manchester Uni for secondary PGCE! My question is: now what?! I have a letter on GTTR confirming my acceptance, but nothing from Manchester. Should I just be patient and wait for them to be in touch? I'm eager to get cracking with reading lists etc, and was hoping for an official welcome letter to make it that bit more real.

    I had convinced myself I would be unsuccessful; slightly worried there has been a mistake and i have been dreaming all week!
  2. Hi

    I accepted my offer from SMU and had my CRB forms through a few days later, once they go off I won't hear anything until early July apparently :s
  3. Hi fusbal,
    Firstly, congratulations on your offer at Manchester!
    Rhys is right in saying you will probably get some paperwork from the university at some stage. Like Rhys I had my paperwork the day after I was made my offer - which included the CRB, school placement form and feedback forms. I havent applied for Manchester so these won't be the same, or come at the same time. But expect them soon because the CRB can take 1-4 months to process.
    If you really want to get ahead ready for your PGCE, you could always phone Manchester and ask for some feedback from your interview, or maybe ask them if there is anything you can do to get a headstart (read books/articles/prepare for TDA skills tests) etc. My uni have posted my feedback form with things I did well, and things I didnt do so well in - which my worst areas were highlighted on the form and these are now my 'targets'. I now have to improve in these areas before I start my course. I have an induction day in June/July time in which I must tell my tutor how I've achieved these objectives. Manchester might do this aswell once you get the paperwork through. However, I've only known of one other uni to do this so far. So if you wanna get ahead, or just wanna hear from the uni, ask for some feedback :)
    You may also have an induction day(s) before you start your course, so you may hear about these soon too.
    Don't worry too much, they won't forget about you! Just try and enjoy the time you have left! The course is very intense and you should make the most of the free time you have - these next 6 months will go very quickly!
  4. Hi..
    Congrats on your offer an Man Uni. I got my offer through from MMU a few weeks ago and i'm SOO excited.

    Its gonna get busy is a few months time! I'm just reading through some GCSE and A Level revision books and making sure my subject knowledge is up to scratch. Nothing too intense..just taking it steady..I suppose if you have already done your degree you can treat these few months as a luxury
    My PGCE is Biology but we are expected to be able to teach the other sciences to at least KS3 definite and at interview i was told we would more than likely expected to teach the other sciences a GCSE level..so i'm reading up on those subjects too just so that if asked i'm comfortable enough teach it them

    I've not had anything through from the actual Uni yet either but they'll get in touch when they need anything.
  5. Congratulations to you too! It is the best feeling when hard work pays off. Thanks for the insight everyone, I'll just wait a week longer for the forms before contacting the uni. Did they contact you via email, or post? I intend to make the most of the next 6 months, doing as much preparation as possible before September (well, i say that now - i'll probably be like a headless chicken come late August!).

  6. I got all my stuff via post - but it's not uncommon if it comes through via email!
    I wish I could start to prepare now - have a final year of uni I have to complete first though! :( Will be doing all my prep during the summer!
  7. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    I've had to fill a pre-crb form via email but but I think the uni will get in touch with reading lists, pre-course tasks etc in April. I've been reading the one from last year, so I have a bit of a head start! Reading revision guides, ordered some textbooks......and most importantly, practising my maths for the dreaded QTS tests!!!!!
    I know my uni (IOE) also have induction welcome day things in May/June.

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