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What to do about resigning.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Drquantum, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Drquantum

    Drquantum New commenter

    I need some advice about leaving teaching.
    I have just failed an informal support programme and will maybe starting formal competence proceedings when I return to work after the holidays.
    I have decided to leave teaching and resign my post. It is not for me anymore and I do not intend on returning.
    I could resign at the summer half term or at the end of summer which would of course suit me better financially.
    The nub of the problem is I have no confidence in myself or the system. The issues are not related to any disciplinary action or concerns but they do relate to my health and my ability to sustain an acceptable level of performance.
    In the short term I could do supply but this maybe compromised if I go on a formal support programme.
    I have no desire to continue teaching as I am now. I have to think of my health.
    Some have suggested I go off sick. This is an option which would be a last resort.
    Sick of the situation.
    I am in discussion with Union in this matter.
  2. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    What says the union?

    Worries about your health?

    Er, that's the definition of being ILL. Health problems. And people who are ill may legitimately go to the GP and get signed off!
  3. Drquantum

    Drquantum New commenter

    Union just gave me some options to think about. They can't second guess how the school will react.
    Have mild/moderate depression and insulin dependent diabetes.(which is out of control at the moment) seeing the diabetes nurse soon but may see doc too.
  4. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    It sounds like the least stressful thing for you would be for you to offer to resign with effect from 31 August (which is what the earliest date would be under Burgundy Book terms - why is half-term a possibility?) if the school agrees not to procede with competence. Getting the whole thing sorted might help your health to immprove. If it doesn't, you may spend some of that time off sick.

    The school may or may not agree to this. I think many would, as it saves them a lot of hassle. And there might be other options, as your union says. Really, there is not a lot you can decide until you know what the school will agree to. Except, take time off sick if you are too ill to work.
  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Unless you have a very unusual contract, you can't resign at half term.
    You are employed until the end of August, whether you resign now or in May.

    I'd leave making that decision until you get the diabetes under control and have seen a doctor.
    However, do what ever you union advises.
    JohnJCazorla and Rott Weiler like this.
  6. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Diabetes is covered (I think) by the Equality Act Of 2010.

    You need better advice!

    So your blood sugar is up and down. That is very dangerous. Are you underestimating your condition and its threat to your wellbeing? Sounds like it.

    And you do know how stress affects your levels?

    You need 2 weeks off and then, if you can't control your sugar, you need to be signed off!
    JohnJCazorla and emerald52 like this.
  7. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Agree with the posters above your health comes first so see a Doctor before making any decisions.
    Probably not any compromising at all. All the supply agencies are interested in is a brief statement
    "Dr Q worked here from ...... to ..... and did not thump any pupil"
    If your user name means you do Science then agencies will be throwing work at you.

    Supply will at least let you see other schools so you may decide that they're worth staying at.
    grumpydogwoman likes this.
  8. Cooperuk

    Cooperuk Senior commenter

    Supply has been a bit of a revelation for me. It has restored my confidence and my faith in humanity!

    Have been doing it now, on and off, on longer term contracts, for about two years.

    I have had my pick of three schools for after Easter, with the current one (not the one I'm staying on at - they asked to late) mentioning that they have a permanent position coming up later in the year, as have the one I am going on to.

    Core subject specialists are in great demand.
  9. install

    install Star commenter

    See GP
    See Union

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