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What things are people preparing now to save them time in September?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jo_998, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am an NQT and will have Year 3 in September, feel like I have so much to do, so impressed with that huge list of resources Sararie! Well done, feel a bit scared now!
    Does anyone have a template for standard tray labels, I want to make labels for the childrens trays but not sure of the size,
    Thanks in advance,
    K x
  2. Hi I did some of these yesterday - A4 landscape, make a text box, copy and paste and arrange so you have 4 per A4 sheet - seems to fit the trays in my classroom - I am assuming they are all much the same.

    I have to say I have really enjoyed reading this thread. This is my first year after my NQT year and I am starting my 3rd and final term as a y5/6 teacher (maternity cover) - I too have been in, stripped and rebacked the display boards, cleaned and labelled trays and equipment boxes. I still have some faffy bits to do - pen pots and such, along with planning and lists for assessment, groups, lable books, etc.
    I have only been in 2 days last week and will go in another couple next week (especially to use the school printer to save my ink and paper at home) - but I have enjoyed a restful, family summer, (decorating my daughters bedroom, holidaying in Scotland, reading and watching a TV movie or DVD most afternoons). Yes, I agree with both sides of the 'prepare/rest through your summer holiday' debate, but i am one of those that funtions better when i am not on the back foot, so along with all the classroom prep and planning, I will also have cleared out my fridge, freezer and pantry at home, got up to date on my laundry and ironing, placed a full supermarket online shop and just for good measure the earliest the plummers could get to replace my boiler, sort out my dead radiators, etc is Tues 2nd Sept - so I will be starting the term with a sporadic cold water supply and no promise of Hot water until the Friday!!!
    Bring it on :)
    Enjoy what is left and look forward to the term to come everyone
    A x
  3. ulc


    I set up topic folders/boxes a couple of years ago and it's an absolute godsend. Each folder has a copy of the QCA planning and my planning along with references to websites, worksheets, resources etc, and a copy of each worksheet/information sheet. I also laminate all my resources ready for next time and keep them in the box. I'm repeating topics this year from 2/3 years ago and all I've had to do is tweak my planning and look for new resources that may be better than before. Have already planned all 6 science topics for next year, along with all Geography,History, Music, R.E. and DT. Ok, so I'm hyper-organised!
    In reference to getting things ready for a new class, I saved my list from last year on my laptop and in the last few weeks of term I updated it with other things I needed to do as I thought of them. Hence it's been much easier this year as I now have a fairly comprehensive list. I also started getting things ready before the end of term and spent a few lunchtimes backing my boards.
    Consequently I have had a much more relaxing holiday in terms of work, but have been frantic with 3 new kittens instead!
    Each of us work in a different way, and I'm afraid I'm super organised. I find it cuts the stress down for the start of the year.
    Goodluck everyone
  4. I've just made a 100 sq and multi grid in Word on 1 sheet of A4, which I was going to put on each table to support maths work - have added to resources if it helps anyone

  5. Well seeing as my last post didn't go down too well with some people this one probably won't go down too well but that's just tough luck.

    Anyhow, we had some Maths workbooks that the last teacher had made up and used for many years, but I noticed last year when I went to photocopy them, they came out and were a bit lopsided and some of the pictures were cut off etc,which then meant I ad to sit and go over some of the writing etc, so knowing that our principle and one of the teachers were in this week I went up and photocopied 2 each of each original and took them home, I took some A3 paper that we had left over from the end of last year and made booklets, I then sat and cut out each page etc and stuck them down on the new booklet so there would be plenty of room at the sides and top and bottom, so the photocopier doesn't cut anything else off.
    I have now got lovely new Maths booklets which I will be able to go in and make a new master copy with complete pictures, nice black writing that can be seen and plenty of room so if any mishaps happen with the photocopier it hopefully won't matter too much.

    Also someone mentioned about my other post about how they prefer certain fonts etc. In our school in KS1 for the likes of labels and name tags etc we all use Comic Sans as the children can recognise their names etc easier. And especially when I have 4 year olds coming in they can learn to recognise their names and other labels without any fancy writing.
    As to what the new teacher thinks about my work over the summer, well to be honest I don't really care anymore, as if they are not needed now, then tey can be kept for spares, or I can hold onto them and send them into the teacher they will be getting next year as I know she will appreciate them.
    The new toys are just staying where they are, the principle asked me the other day where they came from and I told her and she has decided that she's going to send our old ones into the nursery as they were wanting some more. We were also talking about our storage situation - which is non-existent, and she has aksed me to go through some of the things that belong to us like the dolls clothes etc and if there's anything there that we don't need or haven't used in the past 2 years to set it aside and we will have a good look at them and if they can be donated to the 3rd world etc then we'll split them, take them home and wash/iron them then arrange for them to be picked up.
    My old teacher also bought some new toys and equipment for the classroom and the rest of the school so it means that between myself, the principle, and the teacher next door can sort through all of our stuff from the 2 classes and get rid of a load of it which me and the teacher are very much looking forward too, as it means more room, and less time searching through boxes.
    While I was up there the other day also, I went through the paint and PVA Glue we had in the storage cupboard and had a good clear out. It meant that I was able to take a bottle of each colour into the classroom and store it away so I could just put my hand on it when I come to need it next Tuesday.
    I'm starting back tomorrow so am looking forward to meeting the new teacher and getting through my list that I needed to do on the School computer.
  6. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    the children can make up the rules but don't they often end up with the same we always have. The posters are excellent and once the children's ones have been replaced with other work these small versions can be put up in varied places to remind them.
  7. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    You do sound to have a bit of a problem here. It seems odd that you don't even have a class list or notes/records to look at. You must be feeling quite in the dark and wondering what on earth the school must be like!
    You know the year group you are going into and if its one you haven't taught before or for a while you can remind yourself of the expectations for that age, look at years above and below too. It will help you to figure them out more quickly once you meet them.
    Is it a new area? When I last started a new school I wished I had thought to get to know the local area better so I could get a clearer picture of where streets/shops/other amenities were. Knowing the streets helped me get a better idea of the children's homes, journeys to school, etc.
    I think others have already suggested preparing assessment/app sheets, etc.
    Is there no-one from the school you can get in touch with? Surely someone will be going into school during the last week of the holidays. If you are near enough you could try going up to the school in the mornings. Our caretaker is usually in that week from 6am till 12, maybe yours will be?
    Good luck. I expect you will soon wonder what you were worrying about and why you didn't enjoy those 7 weeks more!

  8. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Grainne - you are working too hard. If you were my teaching assistant (and I don't really have one because we can't afford one) I would be worried that you were overdoing things and might be tired when you get back in September!! It is wonderful that you are so committed to the school and involved with the children.
    I would suggest that you present your work tactfully and have a long chat with your new teacher. It is a pity that the both of you didn't get the chance before the holiday then neither of you would have been worried about what you did over the holiday!
    I sometimes wonder whether management actually think about their new recruits once they are recruited! They often seem to assume that new staff are assimilated and know everything as soon as their acceptance letter arrives! There seem to be quite a few teachers in new schools who haven't been given much information.
  9. Oh I would worry too much about me being tired when I start back in September. I live alone so have plenty of opportunities to do the wrk, and most of the work can be done whilst I am watching TV or listening to music etc :) Also We get 8 weeks off for summer hoidays so I have a bit longer to prepare etc than most of the teachers in England etc.
    I met my new teacher today and I'm glad that I had done all of my labels etc as she said she had nothing done, and that she had thought about doing some, but she didn't know what labels she needed and what books etc she needed to make labels for etc. She was grateful when I produced my Memory pen with all of the labels, cloakroom names, book covers etc all ready to be printed off.
    She seems to be a nice gorl, we went through a few things about the classroom and she asked me if we had this and that, then she had to go off for a meeting with the teachers etc so I was able to start sorting the room out, getting rid of things that were not needed etc and started to sort out what needed to be freshened up etc.
  10. oops don't know how to edit my posts hee, but my above post should say wouldn't worry about being tired, not would[​IMG]
  11. likegoodwine

    likegoodwine New commenter

    Grainne: Glad to hear all went well for you and good luck for the new year.
  12. Why not just enjoy the HOLIDAY!!! that is what is it for , chill out ,you will be knackered before term starts!
  13. To SDW...Get a life and enjoy your holiday!

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