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What things are people preparing now to save them time in September?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jo_998, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. I'm with you as well. I love having a TA to help me but I am very particular about things like tray and peg labels, labels on classroom areas etc particularly those that will be visible all year. It's bad enough when something that is only up for 6 weeks is not done the way you want but looking at name labels you dislike all year is just depressing. In fact I know I would end up doing them again.
    I know I'm sad but to me setting up the classroom and getting all the labels done etc is a one of the best parts. It gets me in the right frame of mind and as I'm doing it I can focus more on my new class and mentally start planning activities.
    To the TA - sorry forgotten your user name. Personally I would suggest you ask the teacher on the first day if they would like you to do labels etc as you have a template which you have used before. Then if they want it you have everything ready to go. I would also say to them that you bought a few items as in previous years they have been needed.
  2. Can we please get back on topic? I keep checking this thread hoping to find something new and exciting and all I get are two sides of some silly argument.

    So, what are people preparing? I am desperately after the CLPE's Core Book list so I can update the books to study in Literacy but they are closed for August and wont open until the 1st Sept. Argh!
  3. It's not a 'silly argument' it is an open discussion on an open forum.
  4. both sides have valid arguments...
    as for what to prepare for september... I never know how to best use my time and like another poster I too feel guilty when my OH goes out to work all day and my holiday seems endless (not complaining)!
    I have planned settling in activities, got a class list but no labels yet and want to plan first 2 weeks literacy and numeracy. Need to do a medium term plan and sort out coordinator stuff.
    Will go in last week of hols and get it sorted then. I always have that 'should be doing something' feeling, I think its ingrained into us as teachers.

  5. As well as things that have already been mentioned, I am doing:
    Subject leader stuff to prepare for new year.
    Finding, printing and laminating resources for a writing area.
    Ticklists for various record folders eg. homework, who has had certificates etc.
    Sorting out my spelling programme to include new support for spelling activities.
    Making sure I have enough resources for my low level children - books, magnetic letters, phonics games etc.
    I do spend quite a bit of time getting things ready in the holidays for the same reasons others have mentioned - I don't like to feel that I am behind when I have had the whole holiday to prepare. I also enjoy getting things ready for displays and am happy to laminate in front of the TV so I would rather do it now when I have time. What I don't like is people proudly announcing that they do absolutely nothing in the holiday and implying that there is something wrong with people who do or they can't manage their time. Everyone has different ways of working - some are fine doing a bit at a time at the start of term, some like everything ready in advance. From my experience the people I have worked with who don't do anything in the holidays are the ones who are disorganised during term time and they have created extra work for others by not doing things they are supposed to do. There are people who do less than me and are very well organised and I admire them for being able to prioritise and get on quickly but that isn't me and I should be able to do lots of work if I want without people telling me I shouldn't be in.
  6. I love the 'getting ready' excitment of the holidays, after 13 years I still get a buzz out ofpreparing for my new class. As a mum of 3 young ones my holidays are mostly spent with my own lovely children, but I also love making new resources and as previous posters have mentioned, sitting infront of the tv, laminating, cutting out or working on the lap top (with a glass of wine) in the evenings helps me to start the new school year smoothly.

    So far I have made and laminated:
    tray labels
    new resources for literacy and numeracy
    coat peg hangers which the children made on our meet and greet morning.

    I have also reorganised my classroom, put up new displays, rebacked all the boards.
    Planned the music for the choir, band and recorder clubs I run for the whole of the Autumn term - including handouts for the children to take home and practice with.
    Organised my new record book, put dates in my new lovely red leather organiser.
    Put photocopying in the office for the first week (we are not allowed to photocopy for ourselves or go within 10ft of the photocopier! LOL. It isn't even worth asking why not..... us mere mortals are obviously incapable of pressing digits and a large green button!)
    have gone shopping for a few new bits and pieces for my room, like cushion covers and storage boxes - long live IKEA!
    I take great pride in my room and as I seem to spend more time there than home some days, I make sure it's just the way I want it to be.

    If I didn't do these jobs during the holiday my limited time after school would be solely taken up with things that take me away from relaxing in the evening with my husband and children. It's hard enough being a full time working mum, making the best use of my time during the holidays is just one way I save my sanity [​IMG]

  7. tange

    tange New commenter

    What a lovely post PinkyDinkyDoo!!!
    You have certainly reminded me of a few things that I need to do.

  8. I'm just going to work on the management tasks: action plans, data, etc.
    Classroom organisation tasks I shall leave until September. I have a super TA who is very organised, and we shall be sorting the classroom together so we both know where everything is.
    Likewise, the resources for SEN and reading groups I shall be working with my TA to sort out and organise.
    Without a TA, I would probably be doing these things in the final holiday week.
    Right now, I do a bit of planning ready for September when I am in the mood. I find the best ideas come while I am relaxing in the garden!
    My advice to anyone is to not feel guilty if you are taking this as time out to recharge batteries. Those who wish to work, likewise, feel free but take a bit of "me-time" as well while you have the chance.
  9. The other thing to bear in mind is that if you go in too early at the start of the holidays to sort your room etc - it's almost inevitable that someone will then decide that "something" needs doing to your classroom and rearrange it all, undoing all your careful work (learnt this one the hard way in the past!). When I was full-time I'd tend to do bits at home and planning, then go into school the week or so before term started for a couple of afternoons, when there wasn't likely to be any further disruption, and get the classroom sorted then.

    Also had the lovely year when I had an open plan room and EVERYTHING from the dining room was shoved into my room without warning, so I went in to get organized for the new year and found I couldn't even get into my teaching area at all - that was a nice wasted journey.
    I'm that kind of person though - I can work incredibly quickly when I get focused but if my mind's not on something... distraction queen.
  10. Reading this thread makes me want to go into school straight away and finish sorting my room for sept (I started a bit on the last day of term - sad I know!)
    So far, I have decided how I want to rearrrange furniture - I have a very different class this year from last. But haven't been in to move as room is due to be deep cleaned and I guess they'll move the furniture.
    I have made posters and lists for the classroom for ta's and other staff regarding children's dietary and toileting needs, and lesson schedules for academic lessons for each child so we all know who should be there.
    Also have been shopping and bought sesnsory toys for PECS sessions and baskets / trays for tasks and activities. And searched the net for ideas for new TEACCH tasks.
    Need to do my duty rota for my team and other admin-y bits, oh, and maybe a bit of planning for first few days. Need to print out photos for transitioning and for labelling pegs, chairs etc.
  11. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    One thing that I am starting now is to make topic boxes. I have taught Romans for the past 2 years, and it's on the LTP again this year - and can I find any planning or resources from the previous years? Nope! I am incredibly unorganised!
    I know what all my topics are this year so I am going to get boxes and put in them any planning, resources, information books, class reading novels etc to do with that topic, so that when I redo it another year, everything is together and it can be built upon, so whenever I find a new book or find anew website or whatever, I can put it in the box.
    Hopefully, this will help my organisational skills!
  12. hought I might revive this thread and scare some people.
    Sat down today and listed everything that I've made over the summer hols - most people will think I'm very sad but I've had lots of free time and I don't mind making things as I know what's in them then. If you would like any of what I've made then feel free to let me know on sararie255@hotmail.com or a PM.

    Here goes: (Oh some things I did download from here but the majority have been edited by me)
    The * means I need to laminate and the ^ means I'll back it.
    Marking stickers
    Maths operation vocab^
    Traffic light stickers
    Finished work rota^*
    Half term maths target^
    This book belongs to Miss stickers
    Mini beast flashcards*
    Maths Key vocabulary sign^

    Traffic light poster
    100 square large
    Reading Corner
    HFW year 3 - ladybirds
    Frogs game
    Money game
    Times table mat x 30
    Times table Olympics Podium
    Still to print:
    Unit Vocabulary sign^
    Operations Vocabulary^
    Number fans X 25*
    100 square X 2 per page X 15*
    Caterpillar number lines X 8*
    Times tables - display^
    Vocabulary - display^
    Add/sub jigsaws*
    Counting hands number line
    Half term target space^
    Maths Area sign^*
    Measurement conversions*
    RUCSAC - banner and table X 25*
    Times table Olympics*
    Bonds: 10, 20, 100 (multiples) ^
    1 - 10 flash cards (game)*
    Times table Olympics stickers

    Writing table sign^*
    Handwriting fans x 6*
    Months smaller*
    Check work*
    Stop the bus
    Spelling cards* and letter to parents x 30
    Reading Corner signs*
    Traffic light fans X30*
    Traffic light boxes explanations

    In each maths pack:
    Number fan
    100 square
    Number line
    Times tables mat
    On each table:
    Traffic light fan x 6
    Traffic light stickers. X 1 a day
    Word books ?
    Coloured pencils pencil case
    Pencil sharpener and pot
    Handwriting fan X 1
    Before I left school I also made tray labels, peg labels, helping hands, Victorian timeline from **********, Recycling Centre banner, group name labels both literacy, maths and guided reading, reading corner posters (see TES resource bank) and a few other things but mind is blank.
    Am starting a new year group this year and really want to push myself to be well resourced as we're not generally as a school.

    <font face="Maiandra GD" size="5"> </font> <font face="Maiandra GD" size="5"> </font>
  13. WOW! I am so impressed! Where did you get the resources from? I am in Year 3 and love the sound of lots of the resources!
  14. I got a lot from here, a lot of the ideas from threads on here, such as the Things you love in your classroom thread. I went to Sparkelbox and made my own resources based on theirs. I'm going to y3 too, bottom set maths as well, so lots of maths stuff.
  15. I have quite a poor Maths cohort aswell. Where exactly did you get the:
    Number fan
    100 square
    Number line
    Times tables mat
    On each table:
    Traffic light fan x 6
    Traffic light stickers. X 1 a day
    Handwriting fan X 1

    Thanks! x
  16. And these aswell please! Thank you so much!
    Unit Vocabulary sign^
    Operations Vocabulary^
    Number fans X 25*
    100 square X 2 per page X 15*
    Caterpillar number lines X 8*
    Times tables - display^
    Vocabulary - display^
    Add/sub jigsaws*
    Counting hands number line
    Half term target space^
    Maths Area sign^*
    Measurement conversions*
    RUCSAC - banner and table X 25*
    Times table Olympics*
    Bonds: 10, 20, 100 (multiples) ^
    1 - 10 flash cards (game)*

  17. Unit Vocabulary sign^ - I made. It just says unit vocabulary. If you search y3 maths vocabulary in TES resource you'll see the flashcards I made to go with)
    Operations Vocabulary^ - taken from juliateacher (I think) and then I changed to my font and different colours.
    Number fans X 25* - once again nabbed from resources here.
    100 square X 2 per page X 15* - communication4all - google. I then printed one off smaller and then scanned in so 2 fit on a page so the children can have a small one each.
    Caterpillar number lines X 8* - I made.
    Times tables - display^ - I made - just a4 page with each table on.
    Vocabulary - display^ - see above
    Add/sub jigsaws* - ummmm think was from here.
    Counting hands number line - No idea where I got this from!
    Half term target space^ - a sign like unit vocabulary then a blank one for me to fill in a target for the class taken form the KIRF - key information recall fatcs I think that stands for.
    Maths Area sign^* - made. all in the same style, with the 4 operations aorund the edge as border.
    Measurement conversions* - communication4all or ********** - can't remember lol
    RUCSAC - banner and table X 25* - **********?
    Times table Olympics* - idea from this, adapted to suit very low y3
    Bonds: 10, 20, 100 (multiples) ^ - likes times tables
    1 - 10 flash cards (game)* made using a table on word.
    Times tables mat - same format as a4 but small version with all tables for each child.
    On each table:
    Traffic light fan x 6 - i made using my self assessment criteria
    Traffic light stickers. X 1 a day
    - using a picture of blank traffic light from PTS, copied and pasted onto sticker template so that children can self assess their work, instead of buying stamper from PTS (bit skint!)Handwriting fan X 1
    Lol If you e-mail me with the things you want that I made, I'll send them on! Otherwise, happy searching!
  18. THANK YOU SARARIE! What is your email address please?
  19. Soz, just found it! x
  20. Wow people have got so much done!
    Im an NQT so took the time to go in before school finished to get up 2 semi permanant displays and backed the other boards. All name labels on books, trays and coat pegs are also completed.
    This thread has made me think of alot of things I could be getting on with so thanks, however finding the motivation right now isnt really working. I get the laptop out to do some planning and end up just staring at the screen, its unnerving planning for a class I dont know and haven't got all the details for. I guess I can get ready as much as I can and prepare for a very busy September

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